Monday, December 04, 2006

The Art that is Cyclocross!!!

Live & Learn is what they say. The day & course could not have been any better for a cyclocross race. I learned why the experienced crossers run simple cantilever brakes & not V-brakes with a "travel agent" adaptor. At the end of lap 3 of 7 my brakes were working like vice-grip pliers. I hopped off 4 or 5 times cleaning them out & getting the wheel rolling again. By the end of lap 4 I figured it simply was not going to let me roll on. Instead of unhooking it & trying to cowboy that baby to the finish(a death defying feat but not a bad idea that Laura shared after the fact & I had not thought of)I dropped out of my 2nd race this year. Living & Learning before tackling the season finale @ XLINX this coming weekend.

I hope to see you all at the movies & Xlinx this week


redstone said...

You don't need brakes, melis!

xjoex said...

This wouldn't happen if you were riding fixed...