Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday Ride Pics

Great ride everyone! Thanks for coming out. We barely squeaked 'er in on time, but it was well worth it. Sorry the pics aren't great. Deteriorating late day light and all...

Monday, July 30, 2007

Day Tripping Winter Park Style

Butch and I were both kicking ourselves. The trails have been open in Winter Park for months and this was our first trip up there? Did some getting lost, some getting found, and had a heapful of fun.

Steamboat Camping Aug 10, 11, 12

Save the dates. We'll be rallying to the 3rd annual MTBR Rocky Mt High get together. It's in Steamboat this year so we'll have some epic riding ahead. My plan is to leave Friday early afternoon to get there in time to set up camp and have a short ride. Ride all day Sat and ride all day Sunday.

Oh, the bike shop will be closed that weekend, too. Gotta have some down time here and there :)

Last Tuesday ride of July

How's about some Peaceful Valley lovin' for Tues? We'll start down at the bottom close to the Peak to Peak so we can maximize our riding time. As Chris has pointed out, the riding at Camp Dick is generally pretty hard and sometimes hairy, but the happy ending is worth the wait. Oh, expect to get rained on, so bring something waterproof or warm or both. There's also lots of water crossings, so you'll get wet and your bike will get dirty either way. Expect to give your bike some love after this one.

Here's the map for Middle St Vrain/Buchannan Pass if you want to check it out. Here's some pics. Here are some more.

I was lucky enough to get out twice this weekend. Since it rained all Thursday night and all Friday night, I figured that the dirt would be about as perfect as it ever gets at Hall Ranch by Saturday early. It was. :) I took the Inbred SS29er up for an early morning beating. There was a time when I wondered what was harder - the rigid fork or the single gear. I think it's the fork. Going up was fine, but I was sure beat when I came thru the rock garden. We need to rally a Tuesday night SS ride at Hall sooner than later. Maybe when it's not so freakin hot.

I made it out for a road ride (ack!) on Sunday with Chris and John. I actually had a damn fine time. It was a most excellent ride, too - down 36, up Left Hand, thru Jamestown, up and over the dirt road to the Peak to Peak then down SH7. The only bad thing is that we had to pedal the entire way down 7 because of the headwind. Shame, really, because that's such a fun descent. I haven't had a road ride that good in a while. It was refreshing.
Anyone want to go camping in Steamboat Aug 10,11,12? I'll make another post about that.

Awesome photo

posted by Brandon Dwight on Velonews. It says, "message delivered".

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Camp Johnson (Dick)

Just wanted to give an update on the ride thats planned for Tuesday. Today I took the hounds up to Middle St. Vrain and i think I went down Buchanon Pass. Sweet Baby Jesus was that an awesome ride. It was raining the whole time and in my native language of the great white north, "cripes, I got soooouuukkked". The whole jeep road was a stream of runnoff and the trail down was muddy and wet. I almost forgot to turnaround and check out the views (this was my first time on the trail), Hoooouuuuuly smooooouuuuuukes. I hope to make it out on Tuesday but my work schedule may not allow. It should be in perfect shape if the rains stops.

Cheers and have a great weekend.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

past ride, future ride and ramblings

Oliver enjoys a rare smooth section of the most recent Tuesday ride. It was mmm, good.
Can't have a Tuesday ride lately without the "sitting on the rock checking out the view" pose.
Will wonders never cease? For literally a couple of years, CDOT and town of Lyons have been hashing out the plans for reconstruction of the two bridges on US36 just west of town. Well, during that two years, it was concluded that there would be a seperate bike lane (ie seperated with a barrier and grass) up to Eagle Canyon and an underpass to go under the 2nd bridge and onto Apple Valley Road. CDOT is finally nearing completion of this massive project. I've been keeping an eye on it and must say, I was quite dissapointed to see that they had not graded under the bridge for the path. With the underpass possibility vaporized, I feared that we would lose the bike path, too.

Finally, after waiting with baited breath, I saw that they have finally poured the curb and started backfilling for the bike path (it'll be crusher fine for now). It is NOT seperated by a barrier or grass - it is right up against the road. Not to be negative, though, I am super happy that it's become a reality. It is about 8 feet wide and will go from just east of Eagle Canyon all the way to the Stone Cup at 5th and high. I'm jumping for joy now. Seriously :)

Does anyone want to go for a road ride this Sunday? I just got one of my roadies fixed up and newish again and I'm itching to take it out. Thinking of either doing the Jamestown loop or an Estes loop. Probably Sunday am, but it could be after I close up Sunday - If anyone is interested, I'll post a follow up as I uncover more details. Maybe someone could bring some dope or a bag of blood to make it even more fun.

Oh - any ideas where to go next Tues? Think we could bust out Coney Creek or Mid St Vrain up and come down Buchanan Pass? I'm game for trying. Might just bring a lamp, too.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Turner availability

For all of you that've been hungry for information, here's current Turner availability. Looks like there's a few unspoken for bikes that haven't been sent to paint:
Nitrous - med
Flux - large orange or blue
Sultan 29er - med Bronze, white, or raw, large and xl raw
RFX - small, xls in every color.

The list changes pretty quickly. Some may already have disappeared...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

new stuff, good livin, and the Tuesday ride

How about the new 2008 Shimano XT stuff? Just got in some front and rear derailleurs. Cranks and the other bits should be arriving shortly (hopefully). That Shadow rear der is really cool. Check the redesigned der hanger knuckle and cable attachment. The new style allegedly will stay within the profile (ie it's not any wider than) the qr nut on the rear wheel. Sweet. Can't wait to ride it.
And on the front, mostly just repositioned high and low stops and a machined collar.
The Friday cookout and ride was fun, too. We'll have more before the summer is gone. Riding and grilling is just too much fun.
I had a fantastic bike ride today. It was super hot when I closed up the bike shop today so I hopped on the singlespeed and pedaled over to Meadow Park. I shed my shirt and jumped in the river to swim in one of the kayak holes. It was absolutely superb. After 20 minutes or so, I got out and hopped on my bike for a 15 minute around town spin to dry out. Permagrin in full effect. Ain't life grand?


Meet up at the bike shop at 5:30 to caravan. Melis says he hasn't ridden Miller Rock yet this year so that's where we're headed. We'll start from Raymond so you know what that means. Lots of climbing. I'll by a pint for anyone that can clean the climb from Raymond to the intersection at the top. That descent should be fun in deteriorating light conditions, too. Fun!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

SSV p2p to the lake.

Got in a ride up and down SSV this morning. That trail is hard in both directions!

I couldn't help to get a shot of DaveM in action clearing the trail, and the poop on poop colored Transition.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

friday ride/party

Time for a little celebrating summer in Lyons. Meet up at the bike shop at 3:30. We'll roll out shortly after for a hot summer afternoon at Hall Ranch. Back at the shop, I'll fire up the grill for burgers, hot dogs and beverages. Come on my even if you don't ride - we'll be there for a while.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

Back to cycling....kind of

Not sure if you guys caught this weekend....

Minnesota Hockey Rythym

It really comes out against the cheese....

Tuesday Ride 7/17

Meet up at the shop at 5:30 ready to drive. The boss says to the forest we will go!


When you think you have things in order mountain bike racing has a way of reminding you how difficult it can be. Mountain States Cup #4 delivered the message. The SS XC started off with the standard steep-as-hell climb out of the resort. I was feeling a bit out of sorts so I stayed patient & tried to find a rhythm. Yep got it, nope just a teaser...wait here it comes..relax O good gravy I think I'm going to puke. Nope, just stay calm, ok feeling better descend & make time...get a rhythm...still hangin in there... OK here it comes...last climb of the first lap. Wait, how long is this climb?? O now I am going to puke, Yep...OK feeling better. Get up this climb & find the rhythm during the descent. No problem...it's Ok...lap 2 & back to the first climb. OK, here it comes again. Half way up the climb I'm bent over in the weeds again & it's time to realize I have about as much rhythm as a Minnesota hockey player trying to hump a door knob. From there on out it was a whole lot of walking, all I can say is I did finish. It was a long slow ordeal but I made it. I have no idea of my time or placing, much like most of the riders this weekend. MSC had the biggest timing debacle of all time - State Championship style, ouch.

The Super-D was my time for revenge. I had a good start & dove into the first tight corner full blast. WHAM!, that was it. I burped the front tire off the rim & hit the deck. Ahh, the challenge of bike racing. I can't wait to get out & ride, see you out there.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Full Deore DX Specialized Rockhopper Comp

This bike got tired of the garage and wants a new home. $250. New tires, fresh tuneup, and triple butted tubing. Probably about as good as the Rockhopper has ever been and this bike is in great condition.

BioPace - yeah baby. People pay hundreds for these now, but they are called "Rotor Rings." :)
DX thumbies - superb
Funny how things have changed in 15 years. I was just going thru pics and couldn't quit looking at these welds.

With any luck, I'll be able to sneak out to Hall in the morning.
Hope everyone gets out to ride this weekend.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lions Gulch & Little Raven

Agreed, it was a good time. You certainly have to earn your fun there. It was so tough I only pulled the camera once. I was still breathing so hard the pic's turned out like crap. Still, I'll be back next week.
If you are kickin it in the front range this weekend please help out the local trails & volunteer at BMA's Little Raven Trail Project Saturday July 14th. BMA will provide tools, materials, and construction guidance during the project. Food, drink & Oskar Blues beer will be available once we're done. I personally will be heading to Aspen to Blast the Mass, hope you can get to one of these. See you out there!

I had so much fun at Lion Gulch last night that I'm already thinking about next Tues...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Be on the look out Dave....


Last they heard he had his heart set on an Intense Spyder 29er and he was heading north on 36 riding a Yeti AS-R.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Let's get this party started

Come help celebrate the shop being open all week long with an afternoon mountain bike group ride followed up with burgers and beers at the shop! Stay tuned for more specifics. I'll supply the grills and burger and some beverages. It's ok if you can't come early to ride with us, we'll be grillin' all night long!

New hours are effective immediately :)

way too many 2007 Turner Spot pictures (unpainted)

But first - the Tuesday Ride!

Meet up at 6pm at the Lion Gulch trailhead. We'll go for attempt #2 and hopefully we can all be alive and well enough to ride.

The good people at Turner pulled this one out of the line before it went to paint. It's a beautiful bike. Medium and naked.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


O.K. I love Lyons but it's been 95 degrees and I needed a break. I headed up to winterpark for a long weekend. I checked out the gravity games going on and got a few pictures. The guy in the red is doing a back flip. I had trouble timing the digital camera so you will have to just believe me. This event was huge for the resort. They are putting alot of money into trail building over the next five years. They say no less than 20 new trails in the resort and outside.
Maybe a Redstone camp trip soon.

best town

I just got my new issue of Outside magazine and it names the best towns to live in. And the winner for readers choice is Lyons CO. Fuck yeah!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

long weekends

The 4th of July was celebrated in Frasier valley for the first ever Crankworx Colorado...& it brought fireworks. Winter Park brought out the big guns for the slopestyle event on a course designed by John Cowan and the Whistler crew. It was raining riders from the heavens. I was unable to stay for the entire weekend but was in shock after walking the course & watching qualifying.
It was a hazy week in the valley.

A Backflip, the only picture I took from the slopestyle. Oops.
Responsibilities ripped us back to the Front Range Friday evening but we still got in a seasonal favorite Saturday.