Thursday, April 30, 2009

Turner Demo recap and new 2010 DHR!!!

Thanks to everyone that came out for the Turner demo yesterday. It was a big success, especially given the short notice we had in planning. Thanks Moe for driving the rig to Lyons!The new DW Link Turner 5 Spot
closeup of the dW linkage on the 2010 DHR.
The 2010 DW Link DHR in all its glory. Sam gives the thumbs up.
packed up and ready to go to Oskars!
thanks Moe!
good buddies of the shop, Mike and Chris, are doing the MS150 this year on the Left Hand team. Come on out and help support them this Sunday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Turner Demo Trailer will be here Wed 4/29!!!

I just got off the phone with Moe, the driver of the Turner Bikes demo trailer. He will be in Lyons Wednesday afternoon at around 4pm is. Exact location is tbd but I will post back up here when I find out. The demos will be here from 4pm on. Come and test ride a Turner Fux, Spot, or Sultan 29er on local Lyons trails.

And speaking of local Lyons trails, both Picture Rock and Hall Ranch are all dry. woohoo!

Monday, April 27, 2009

tuesday ride

I just got back into town. Is anything dry? Hall?

lefthand video

Bill Woods and I got a little lefthand dh action in today. It was kinda muddy, but super duper fun.
Get Some.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New wheels from Hope, cheap, too!

Check the new wheels from Hope. Looking for something strong and superlight? How about Hopes new Pro III straight pull spoked hub. And check out the super sweet 3 bolt rotors!

How about 1674g (including 160 rotors) for a set laced with Stan's 355 rims?

Here's the best part - pricing. There's a few options available:
- Pro III straight pull 24 spoke qr hubset with Stan's 355 rim and DT super comp spokes, aluminum nipples, 160 rotors with tape and valve for Stan's tubeless - $600 (1674g with rotors)

- Pro III straight pull 32 spoke qr hubset with Stan's Flow rim and DT super comp spokes, aluminum nipples, 203 rotors with tape and valve for Stan's tubeless - $600 (1674g with rotors) - $620 (2233g with rotors)

- Pro III straight pull 32 qr gunsmoke color hubs, Stan's Arch rims, DT supercomp spokes, aluminum nipples, tape and valves for Stan's tubeless. This is a 6 bolt hub and does not come with rotors - $545 (1681g without rotors)

29er!!! - Pro III straight pull 32 qr gunsmoke color hubs, Stan's Arch 29 rims, DT supercomp spokes, aluminum nipples, tape and valves for Stan's tubeless. This is a 6 bolt hub and does not come with rotors - $550 (1817g without rotors)

Holy cow, those are smokin deals on ultra pimpy wheels. Can't wait to see 'em in person!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lefthand Report from Rockin Ron Burgundy

Demoted Anchorman to your new reporter on the street/trail, Rockin Ron Burgundy has a morning glimpse of the Lefthand area. In my "do not ever argue with me opinion", probably not the best option at this point

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuesday, still riding

I got out a bit today on the trails. Picture Rock was picture perfect up to the silo,

where standing water was starting to happen. It wasn't bad at past the quarry, but turned muddy quickly after another couple of switchbacks.

I turned around and headed to Hall. 1/2 way up the rock garden and it was all good.

We're riding something. Maybe a Hall/Heil combo pack. Or maybe, just maybe, we can go to Left Hand OHV for some mudplants. The trails there are in the sun and drain well (cause it's stoopid steep) so it could be fun. Lyons to Boulder commuters, anybody got a snow report on that area?

And Rockin's back on his bike so maybe we'll have a sighting?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

leetle bike

Sam was so stoked on his new ride he headed straight for his dirt jumps

rippin, coaster style - no chain and solid tires.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

another project bike!

Local tinkerer, crazyman, promoter of the one and only Crapfest garage sale and all around good guy, Todd stopped in today with his latest creation. It's not a whizzer, but it's close :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

rainy day projects

It's a rainy day, what's a boy to do? How about a Chris King rear hub rebuild! Ever get that not so fresh feeling out of your King hub? If you're rear hub has ever ceased to freewheel effectively where you can't coast or backpedal, it's time for some loving. Sometimes it's just a bearing adjustment. That's the easy one. Two 5mm wrenches is all you need for that. Sometimes, though, there are more serious issues afoot. If you've adjusted correct bearing tension but the hub still drags, the next easiest thing to check is the main hubshell driveside bearing, the outside one in the picture. A relube will generally do the trick. King bearings can be easily rebuilt. If you do, make sure to use King's own RingDrive lube. It's not too thick or too thin and will allow your King bearing to roll smoothly. On occasion, though, you may need to replace a seal, a snapring, or both.
If you get it back together and you still have drag, the next thing to do is attack the driveshell. There are two bearings in there that can stick, the needle bearing and the inside driveshell bearing.

This particular hub needed service on all those bearings. The non drive side hubshell bearing was rolling super smooth so we left that one alone. This baby is back together and spinning great. It was a good rainy day project.

I'm not the only one working with rainy day projects. Check out what Peter did with his SC Blur... No need for a trick adjustable seatpost on this bike. P is good enough he can operate the HiteRite on the fly, too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

new Intense 951 DH bike

Something to save for for next season perhaps? Here's the official press release :)

Press Release

Intense Cycles Launches New Downhill Race Frame

The New Intense 951

Fast Just Found A New Area Code!

It has been an amazing year of design and development for Jeff Steber and his team at Intense Cycles. It was at Sea Otter 2008 where the Tracer VP trailbike was first introduced. In terms of sales and awards, it has gone on to become Intense’s most successful model ever. Since then, Intense has released the new Uzzi VP, the Spider 2 and the Tazer FRO VP. Now exactly one year later, Intense launches the 951 Downhill Race model. Featuring Intense’s famous World Cup winning geometry, Next Generation VPP suspension with adjustable travel from 8 to 8.5 inches, an 83mm bb and ISCG 05 mount, the 951 represents the evolution of Downhill racing. The first production will be the FRO model with monocoque downtube and G3 dropouts, allowing the rider to change wheelbase, head angle and bottom bracket height depending on the track. Later a less expensive standard model with a traditional downtube and fixed dropouts will be produced. Both will be available in 3 sizes and multiple colors. MSRP is $2760 for the FRO with Fox RC4 shock, $2420 for the standard version with Fox RC2 shock Contact your local Intense dealer for more info or to get yours on order.

More images and videos of this exciting new model are available on the Intense website.
Or check out:

Rick the welder says the white one weighs 37lbs as pictured...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Edge 705 / Topofusion

Another toy courtesy of Dave- a Garmin Edge 705. I looked on ebay but Dave's pricing was competitive. I've been checking out a website called and found a link to Topofusion seems like cool gps software - I prefer it over the garmin stuff. Disclaimer I am a total rookie with gps. One of the dudes who authored it is Scott Morris who does big nasty races like Colorado Trail Race and the Arizona Trail 300 so definitely more oriented for MTB. It's a demo version and eventually will upgrade but here's some images from topofusion of the TNR excursion to P-rock last night. It's cool sh*t.

Directional arrows indicate our chosen loop path to the bench that over looks Hall Ranch.
Some of the cool stuff is in the analysis portion of the software. I thought the time vs. speed tells a good story. You can see the lulls due to some of the mechanicals we had. I couldn't upload a good image but here's stats: total climbing 1694 ft, moving time 1 hr 35 min, stopped time 34 min. Speed shading is on. You can see where I slowed down after the run in
with the brush stump and embedded wood in my shin. I still got up above 20 though on this rolling meandering descent.

Monday, April 13, 2009

the dirt gods smiled today

Dry conditions followed by a day of rain generally yeild absolutely perfect conditions once the sun comes out for a couple of hours. Today did not dissapoint.

I encountered a few bikes and a few more hikers. What a crowded Monday it was on Picture Rock.

Heil Ranch yeilded absolutely perfect dirt today. Perfect as in I've never seen better dirt at Heil. It was almost midwest stylee it was so tacky. You know it's grippy when tires look like this.

I went up Picture Rock, left on Wild Turkey, then made a clockwise loop using the outside loop of Ponderosa. Back on Wild Turkey north and there a section where you can hike off trail onto an old road that runs the rim of the cliff for some outstanding views. All in all, it was a pretty outstanding day. The Tracer was the perfect machine today, too. I've got it set back up in 5.5" travel mode. I think that's turned out to fit my style a little more. This is getting into all time favorite bike status, too. I haven't loved a bike this much since my Turner Flux. The bike just feels like a natural extension, you know.

We're riding Tuesday, too. Let's meet up at the bike shop at 5:30. Anyone up to see if Picture Rock stays perfect? We'll have to bust it, but I think we can out and back to the bench and make it back down by dark.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sick Man

One of those days where the mind was sick and unable to go to work. Got out for a tour de p-rock and hall to set things straight. Although i didn't necessarily poop big nor ride hard today at least I bought the new t-shirt and got to adjust a few more things on the sultan.

Nothing like a little bit of sun and pristine front range singletrack to set things straight.

Stepping up on the soapbox here but "keep it single, man!" had to be said to what appeared to be racer boys. You think they would have seen my Garmin Edge and yielded to the uphill rider since they appeared to be sponsored by GPS and burritos. Instead they rode off trail passing me on the left. If they were going blistering fast it would be one thing cause it's real easy to sneak up on someone on p-rock, but they weren't. Actually 1 out of 3 yielded probably cause the last one in line heard my preach, and he did it the right way. Kept the wheels on the singletrack and leaned it over to let me ride by. No big deal I think I saw a total of 7 people today.

Instead of the obligatory Turner couch shot, here is a Turner bench shot on top of the rock garden.

I still missed a few spots in this morning's shave.

Love these stouts. Great hook-up or is it the Turner suspension? Isn't it great when you find a bike you feel can take your riding to the next level?
Hey Ladies! Seems like this lady likes the bike. Or maybe it's natures way of letting me know it digs the red & black subtleties of bike bits.
Get out and ride it's good out there.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Redstone T Shirts are in!

Come and get 'em! We've got M, L, and XL. Any color you want as long as it's black. They're DMD approved.

Thanks to Terry at Cottonquips!

wowsers, great ride last night!

What a difference a week makes. Last Tuesday, it was just Chris, Doug, and me on a blustery cold day with not great trail conditions. Last night, though, we had 20+ riders show up to sample all of the good riding in Lyons.

We rode up the Antelope Trail into Hall Ranch. The Nelson Loop was a muddy mess so we passed. Back down the rock garden (which was in absolutely perfect condition) and over to Picture Rock. We still had a few minutes of waning daylight so a little out and back was just the ticket. Again, perfect dirt. Coming back down PR at dusk with no opposing uphill traffic was super sweet.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Tuesday Ride!

I got out to Hall Ranch today. Parts were muddy, parts were wet, and parts were perfect. On Tues, we'll see a little mud, but the trail should otherwise be in top notch condition. Pretty sure that Picture Rock is still going to be mucky. 5:30 at Redstone!

It was a Friday night bike buildin' party

And in this corner of Redstone weighing in at 7.03 lbs is a Large Turner Sultan d dub…

My frame arrived Friday. Talk about anticipation, with this mild winter I was getting amped about riding full suspension again. All the great things I heard about the new suspension, plus a 29er offering 4.7” of travel in the rear, slacker head angle (70.5 when compared to Spyder 29r HA of 72), superb craftsmanship and built in the good ol’ USA made me pull the trigger on this. Honestly I had been waiting for the Intense 5.5 29er but after being teased for the past two years it became apparent it was not to be. After riding rigid for a while I’ve realized that big travel is not needed even on the nasty trail goodness we have near Lyons.
Dave was cool enough to rearrange his schedule so we could build it up Friday night after closing. That’s service…plus I think he was as excited as me to build up the bike. Thanks Dave!
And of course Friday night’s means Happy Hour at Redstone. It was a particularly lively happy hour several of the redstone crew + beer + bikes = good times. The full offering of OB beer was there and I brought in some Alaskan IPA that turned out to be a crowd pleaser.

Dave in action: selecting the right tool for the job.

Now back to the bike. Built it up with a combo of new and old parts. New XT cranks and front derailleur, 1 season old XT shadow rear d, old SRAM cassette made the drivetrain.

Old Joplin seatpost and WTB V rocket saddle. Old formula bianco brakes- still looking sexy as new. Old maverick duc 32 and old front flow with maverick hub. Dave built me up a new stan’s flow with a hope II pro. Instead of a bell on the handlebars I prefer a loud freewhelin’ hub to announce my presence on the trail to others- the hopes are louder than my American classics.

New rubber front and rear- WTB 2.3 stouts great hook up with small penalty in weight. These tires come with big whiskers. Get those tires a shave or do some road riding to the trailhead to scrub them off.
Good bling -new Pedals on the bike and cane creek 110 headset. I chose Acid 2 crank bros. They complement the raw/black/red theme of the bike wonderfully. Nice pedals too with a magnesium / carbon mix on the platform. Went with these to alleviate some of the pain in my foot I get after big rides. Chris L. was calling them Victoria’s Secret Lace Panties at this point cause they looked so damn good and he had a couple fo beers in him. Here is Aimee and Chris modeling the panties. I think Chris would make a great hand model.

Chad getting fresh with the panties too.

This all-mountain epic riding build finished in at 31lbs. An XC build would be around 28. Looks great just need to sort out the cockpit and put it through the motions once the trails dry out

Sunday, April 05, 2009

rode bikes today

out and back on Picture Rock to the bridge, then to the top and back of the rock garden at hall. All in all a little greasy but should be prime with a day or so of sunshine. By Tuesday, we'll probably be riding in the pea gravel again (5:30 at the bike shop!). Between Picture Rock and Hall, we ran into the one and only Rockin Ron during a short blizzard condition whiteout on the highway.

Didn't take long for the snow to accumulate on wool. I wonder what it'd feel like to be a sheep on a day like this.
One of the few greasy sections. Slop on top but no trail damage.
Dirty D gets 'er done on the rigid single. He didn't want today to be the break in day for his new, sharp (and pristinely clean) new Turner Sultan.
It's official now, too. All dogs in Bohn Park must be on a leash unless they are in the dog park.

Friday, April 03, 2009

words of wisdom

If you can pedal that thing smoothly you got serious f*cking skillz. Says Chad.