Monday, April 13, 2009

the dirt gods smiled today

Dry conditions followed by a day of rain generally yeild absolutely perfect conditions once the sun comes out for a couple of hours. Today did not dissapoint.

I encountered a few bikes and a few more hikers. What a crowded Monday it was on Picture Rock.

Heil Ranch yeilded absolutely perfect dirt today. Perfect as in I've never seen better dirt at Heil. It was almost midwest stylee it was so tacky. You know it's grippy when tires look like this.

I went up Picture Rock, left on Wild Turkey, then made a clockwise loop using the outside loop of Ponderosa. Back on Wild Turkey north and there a section where you can hike off trail onto an old road that runs the rim of the cliff for some outstanding views. All in all, it was a pretty outstanding day. The Tracer was the perfect machine today, too. I've got it set back up in 5.5" travel mode. I think that's turned out to fit my style a little more. This is getting into all time favorite bike status, too. I haven't loved a bike this much since my Turner Flux. The bike just feels like a natural extension, you know.

We're riding Tuesday, too. Let's meet up at the bike shop at 5:30. Anyone up to see if Picture Rock stays perfect? We'll have to bust it, but I think we can out and back to the bench and make it back down by dark.

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