Friday, April 10, 2009

Sick Man

One of those days where the mind was sick and unable to go to work. Got out for a tour de p-rock and hall to set things straight. Although i didn't necessarily poop big nor ride hard today at least I bought the new t-shirt and got to adjust a few more things on the sultan.

Nothing like a little bit of sun and pristine front range singletrack to set things straight.

Stepping up on the soapbox here but "keep it single, man!" had to be said to what appeared to be racer boys. You think they would have seen my Garmin Edge and yielded to the uphill rider since they appeared to be sponsored by GPS and burritos. Instead they rode off trail passing me on the left. If they were going blistering fast it would be one thing cause it's real easy to sneak up on someone on p-rock, but they weren't. Actually 1 out of 3 yielded probably cause the last one in line heard my preach, and he did it the right way. Kept the wheels on the singletrack and leaned it over to let me ride by. No big deal I think I saw a total of 7 people today.

Instead of the obligatory Turner couch shot, here is a Turner bench shot on top of the rock garden.

I still missed a few spots in this morning's shave.

Love these stouts. Great hook-up or is it the Turner suspension? Isn't it great when you find a bike you feel can take your riding to the next level?
Hey Ladies! Seems like this lady likes the bike. Or maybe it's natures way of letting me know it digs the red & black subtleties of bike bits.
Get out and ride it's good out there.

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Dug said...

"Isn't it great when you find a bike you feel can take your riding to the next level?"

Yep. Feel the same way about my new(ish) Turner.