Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lyons trail conditions

Local Lyons trail conditions report:

Hall Rock Garden - good to the Nelson Loop
Nelson Loop - stay off, muddy
Antelope - not muddy, but lots of ice. Will be muddy when it warms
Heil South/Ponderosa Loop - good - dry and lots of snow on top but no mud (yet)
Picture Rock - supermud. Stay away until it freezes or dries

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Night Ride?

We've tossed around the idea of Marshall Mesa but I think the wind is making the trek south a bit questionable, remember Last Year, does This help? I'd still like to get out for a bit before heading to the OB Bluegrass pick...Redstone around 6 to make the call, at minimum a Lyons Ghetto Singletrack tromp.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

closed for holidays!

Howdy All and happy holidays. I'll be out and the shop will be closed thru Tues Dec 30.

Holiday Schedule
Tues, 12/30 - 12-6 (Tuesday ride for anyone interested - 6pm)
Wed, 12/31 - 10-4 or so
Thurs, 1/1 - closed for New Years Day
Friday 1/2 - back to normal scheduling (12-6)

party safe :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lyons to Boulder crusher fine trail

Check out the latest on the Certain Death Trail aka Boulder Feeder Canal Trail aka the Lyons to Boulder Trail. Get involved and help make this happen!

The Lyons to Boulder Regional Trail is a proposed 13-mile soft surface, multi-use trail that will connect the City of Boulder trail system with the Town of Lyons. It is included in the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan, Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, and the Boulder County Regional Trails Priorities Plan.

Master Plan Process

In November 2008, Boulder County began the master planning process for the Lyons to Boulder Regional Trail, which we anticipate to conclude in the fall of 2009.

The development of the Lyons-Boulder regional trail master plan continues work that has taken place over the past several years. The plan will focus on areas to the west and east of the Boulder Feeder Canal, an agricultural and municipal supply canal that flows through northern Boulder County. The Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (NCWCD) owns the canal.

During the development of the master plan, we will examine several alternative trail alignments and identify a preferred alignment through an evaluation of environmental impacts, public and private interests, and preservation of the area's aesthetic and community character. While we expect that the trail will generally follow the feeder canal, we have not yet identified a specific alignment for it.

Master Plan Milestones

Throughout the master planning process we intend to work closely with the public to identify a referred trail alignment that takes into account the needs and concerns of property owners, neighborhood residents, user groups, and other public entities. Our ultimate goal is to design a trail that provides recreational and commuting opportunities, community connections, and a safe off-road travel option while being sensitive to the surrounding environment.

The master plan will include four key phases:

  1. Project Initiation (November 2008 - January 2009): during this phase, we will conduct stakeholder outreach meetings, hold a public workshop, and gather thoughts about the trail. We will also gather information about the Lyons-Boulder corridor so that we understand the opportunities and constraints that exist in the study area.

  2. Identification and Analysis of Alternative Alignments (Winter and Spring 2009): During this phase, we will use feedback from stakeholders and the public to identify several options for the trail alignment. We will then undertake an analysis of these options and present them at an open house meeting next summer.

  3. Identification and Evaluation of Preferred Alignment (Summer 2009): During this phase, we will again use feedback on the options to identify a preferred trail alignment. We will then conduct a detailed evaluation of it. We will hold a final open house meeting to review the evaluation and design of the preferred alignment.

  4. Project Conclusion (Fall 2009): The project will conclude with a master plan, including a 30% design of the trail.

As we progress through the four phases of the master plan, we encourage the public to participate in each step along the way. Thoughts, questions, and feedback from the residents of Boulder County are critical to the decision-making process.

Public Involvement

There are several ways to be involved in the development of the Master Plan:

  • Attend the first Public Open House:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

4:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department

5201 St. Vrain Road, Longmont

Lyons Oskar Blues Cross - January 3rd

Hey all, just an FYI for a good day on & off the bike.

**ride tonight, 6pm, bring squish and gears :)**

Come & ride the 2009 hangover outta your legs on January 3rd at Lyons High School with
The plan is a shortned day of just a few races during the "warm" part of the day. We're following that up with a 2008 cycling bust up party at Oskar Blues' new Banquet Barn. We'll have a simple cheap lunch and a FREE BEER with your race number. We'll also have a pictoral review of the 2008 season by & possibly a few other photographers as well.

Check out the flyer HERE for all the details.

Tell your friend & have a good time on the bike...come one, come all for a fun day on the bike.

more on the Intense Spider 2

Here's a couple of shots of the Intense Spider 2 in Kawasaki green. We're looking at March availability on this one.

Here's what Jeff Steber of Intense has to say on it, "Sizing will be standard intense sm, med, lrg ,XL. Travel 4.5" to 5" adjusable link 100 to 130 fork range, Ha @ 70 w/120 & 69 w/ 130mm fork. This one has our standard XT build kit w/ Fox F120 comes in at 26lbs"

The bike uses the same proprietary EAston EA6 tubeset as the previous Spider. It has proven to be a great tubeset - both light and tough.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Lefthand OVH Part II

Here are the rest of the photos. The entire descent was dry as a bone. I've been wanting this since the first snow.

So up on the very top of the ridge above the bare area is where the descent starts.

Lefthand OVH Part I

Hola Ninos, with the temps a little warmer I decided it was time to find some singletrack. Since most of the trails up above the OHV area are south facing, I could see from the road they looked dry so I started my way up. I made the mistake of going up the creek bed which we usually ride but of course it was completely snowed in. So I pushed my bike all the way up. I was bound and determined to get to that singletrack so I forged on. Its was well worth it. However, next time I think I would rather go up the trail and come right back down.

This is a map of the OHV Area. Up through the shaded area by "286", the up 286 all the way to 286D, Then down to trail 841 and then 842. I missed puttin tire tracks over Legaults legs.

Headin up from the road.

Small taste of dry singletrack but it wouldn't last long.

This is what I had to push through..misssstaaaake!!!

Finally, the top!!!!

Transition Bikes TransAM frames ready to go

The much talked about Transition TransAm frame has finally hit. Complete all mountain steel hardtails with X9 for $2025. Durable enough to hit the jumps but comfy enough to ride all day.

The TransAM has a der hanger that bolts onto a horizontal dropout so you can run it singlespeed or geared. Nice.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter is here, keep those feetsies warm

Now in stock in limited sizing, Pearl Izumi Barrier GTX winter bike shoes.

These wind and waterproof GoreTex puppies are super insulated, stiff, and really light for a winter shoe. Expect a review shortly, it's been cold out here! ;)
Give us a holler if you need some. It's going to be a long, cold winter.

Speaking of long, cold winter, how about this Tues at 6pm? Yep, we're still riding. Fan mail has been good lately. A recent email queried if we were still riding? Yep, we're still riding. I've got a couple options in mind, but we'll hit the wheel o' rides after new years. GB Chris is back with us after that so we'll have to celebrate. I'm thinking of a round town warm up, followed by a little brutal hill climb action. To the top up the RG/Jasper/Jade/Quartz way? That'd push a few boundaries that we haven't in a while. How about a brief visit to the pain cave before holidays? That is, unless, the BVR area or LHC is rideable. Anyone got a guess on conditions up Left Hand?

Eight at Nine Thirty

Over a few beers last night, a last minute Sunday am ride plan was hatched. Despite all of those potentially involved, for whatever reason (could have been the 8 degree temps, could've been the hangovers) the only brave souls that showed were Keith and myself. The sun helped things to feel much, much warmer than they really were.

We rolled out thru Bohn Park and hit the lower lower section of Picture Rock out to Red Gulch. Again, with the snows and the winds, it was arctic frozen tundra - you couldn't even tell where the trail was. It was a struggle to make it to the road. Up Old South was a little chilly with no sun and a fast road. The Hall Ranch parking lot basking in the sun was already a welcome site.

To our surprise, one lone rider (on a sweet Turner Sultan) was gearing up to head up, too. Trail conditions were winter-perfect. It was a mix of hardpack snow, ice, and dirt. You had to work a little harder than normal, but the trail was easily cleanable. Once at the top bench, a quick time check told me that it was time to head on in to the bike shop. Keith kept a going. Later Keith - have a good ride and stay warm up there.

Looking back down to the southeast, you can see where our Boulder County friends have resurfaced a little bit of trail. It is the same crusher fine that they laide by the cliff on Wild Turkey as well as the lower section of Picture Rock. I was happy to see it, as this particular section of trail is always muddy in the Spring and Winter.
The descent was rippin' as usual. Heck, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - no matter the conditions, the downhill thru the Hall Ranch rock garden never, ever, ever dissapoints. Today was no different. Here's a glimpse of today's wintery conditions.
It's going to warm up significantly in the next few days - when it does, stay away from Hall. It's going to be one big soupy mess. Enjoy it now, though - those frigid temps are good for something!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

75 and Sunny, lets ride

I'm on my second day of nice break from work and I have a plan to see if i can't work myself into some level of fitness. I woke up this morning with somewhat big plans of getting some time on the bike around the dirt roads and farmlands east of Lyons and Boulder. As it would be when you have kids, you can kiss any schedule you have bye bye. Graham was up late, napped early, Mom and Makenna needed to make a run to town to do who knows what (hopefully a gift for Dad). So I waited, and I waited and watched the clouds roll in but it was still lookin good. Finally, 2pm and their home and I'm standin in the house all dressed and ready, sweating because I had just about every piece of warm weather gear I owned on.

Quick stop at Redstone to say hey, place an order and I was off. Heading out east on 66, got to about the Diamond Shamrock and smack...snow. And this wasn't the nice pleasant light fluffy snowflakes that can be fun to ride in, this was like BB's out of a 12 gauge. I sucked it up and kept charging, had to go down 36 towards Boulder knowing there were a couple of good warmup climbs, which was a good idea. However, the snow kept coming and got worse. I kept telling myself, I'll get used to it, I've been in worse. I got to the valley in between Hygeine road and St. Vrain road and the wind gust damn near pushed the wheels right out from under me. Now I was like, ok I like ridin but I don't like dyin. Cars whippin by and the visibility was not ideal. So I turned east down St. Vrain, left on the dirt road, down Hygeine, left on the dirt road, by the big cowboy, left on 66 and time trialed my sorry ass back to Lyons and the comfort of Redstone Cycerly. I will say if I would have had my ski goggles, I would have been golden. My face, even what little was exposed was just gettin peppered. It wasn't the best ride I've ever had but it was a ride.

Sorry for the long boring story but I got nothin better to do right now.


we owe it to ourselves to do better

I just received the following message:

"I went out to do Picture Rock this morning. You lazy f**ks haven't even broken trail yet. I couldn't even see it. Get your ass out there!"

You heard it folks. Time to step it up.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


we're there. Be a fan.

Intense Spider 2 update

Hot off the presses, here's the latest on the Spider 2. I just received an email from Intense detailing the following information. I can't wait to see this bike in person. Under $2k for a frame this sweet is going to rock!

The MSRP on the frame with rear shock will be $1999. That will come with a Fox Float R rear shock. The new VPP design works best with no pedal platform. The platform on the Rp-23 is not nescessary and adds weight and cost.

Now for the good stuff. The bike rides great and is extremely versatile. Xc race, marathon, all day trail rides, etc.

sm med large XL
Tube 22" 23" 24" 25"
Seat tube 16" 18" 20" 22"
Chain stay 16.75"
Wheel base 41.5" 42.5" 43.5" 44.5"
Travel 4.5 to 5" adjustable link
Angular contact bearings w/ zerk grease
Easton - Intense proprietary EA6x double butted tube set
Weight 5.7 lbs med
Color options will be: Intense Red, Works, Kawasaki Green for sure, there will be 2 other options as well yet to be determined.

We're taking preorders now for Feb delivery. Get in line :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quality over Quantity

or... Everyday is a good day for a bike ride.

We got out for a quick LGS (that's Lyons Getto Singletrack). Temps were a balmy 17 with patchy sun. After looping thru the park, we hit the frozen tundra of lower Picture Rock.

Then over to Hall for a lower to upper parking lot loop. The snow was good. 6-8" of powder and fresh tracks.

Back to the shop. Riding in weather like this is awesome. It's the only time of year you can end up a ride with a bike that's cleaner than it started.

Back at the shop and Chad reminded me that I had an espresso machine at home. I retrieved it. Espresso now on tap :)

The wheel o' rides is almost done. Don't know that we'll have many options for Tuesday, though, but we're still going. See you then.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday Night Ride Shockers

The number was three for this edition of the Tuesday Night Ride. A shocker perhaps cause Dave was not present for the ride and instead at home with the kids. I thought Tuesday nights were sacred? Anyways ChrisL, Rockin Ron, and I were sporting the singlespeeds- 2 inbreds and one monocog. It was a clear night with a good amount of light from the nearly full moon. Wasn’t your typical starlit clear Lyons night due to all the humidity up there.
Our trail was ghetto singletrack this evening. Up 5th avenue heart attack – tough standing climb on the SS leading the charge was ChrisL. Here's Ron charging hard- Moonlit sky played in our favor as we went into super stealth mode at the top and down stone canyon. It was a cold fast descent down stone canyon. I neglected to bring my pearl izumi mountain booties and my toes paid the price. But it was worth it to ride the recently revamped monocog.
Pretty huh? I call her “Black Beauty”. This redline monocog is the best bike I’ve ever owned- great geometry, comfortable (even as rigid I can ride this thing all day), tough 4130 steel and sold me on 29ers for my riding needs. I’ve upgraded it quite a bit over the past year with formula brakes and wheels and now added the duc32 fork so this fast SS is faster now.

Frozen toes and ears led us to Oskar Blues pretty quickly to warm up and get our eat and drink on. My mouth is still watering from the Coconut Crusted Roughy. Dave somehow escaped his duties and showed up after all. While Chad and Jason joined us for drinks. Ron spent the evening trying to recruit members for his new gang- he says they call themselves the “shockers”. Here he is throwing his gang sign- Dave’s expression is priceless and pretty much says it all. I also attempted a new personal best of 4 gutbuckets in one sitting. The new OB winter warmer Smoke on the Water – tasty but smoked me with 7% ABV preventing me from accomplishing the feat. Maybe next time? Chalk another well spent Tuesday night in the books.

More Intense News

Intense will soon be releasing a very limited production run of the new Tracer VP, called the Tracer SE.

The frames will be CRC Blue with Nickel plated links and bolts. It will be offered as a complete XTR bike with a white Fox Talas 150 RLC fork with tapered 1.5-1 and 1/18 steerer, white DT SWiss wheelset, white grips and saddle. Complete weight minus pedals is 26.4 lbs in a medium. MSRP is $5999. Get your preorder in soon, they will be gone before you know it.

Intense has also reworked their super sweet stealth black color. The new color isn't quite the flat black it was, but it's more scratch resistant. Remember the black annodized Schwinn Homegrowns from back in the day. The new stealth black looks identical.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dirt Roads and Dead Ends

I ducked out for a short sub one hour ride today. I've been wanting to take the XO out for a while now. A week or so ago, I brought it down to the shop to fix a flat, only to discover dry rot on both tires. They were 2.0 Conti Town and Country tires. They were nice tires with good traction, but I was curious how fast the XO really was - it got some new 1.4 Michelins this week.
I pedaled up Apple Valley, then north on Blue Mountain Road. I think Apple Valley was the wettest thing going today. Despite the 60+ weather, Apple valley still had lots of ice and snow. At least I wasn't on the roadie. North into the hills and life was good. I think Blue Mountain Road has got to be one of my favorite places around when the sun is setting. I poked it out to the dead end and turned around. Ironically, Ipod was playing Dirt Roads, Dead Ends and Dust. No dust today, though, just tacky, tacky dirt.

Not often that we're busting out the shorts in December. Still had to go with the tall Smartwool Hiker socks. Probably my favorite socks of all time. So comfy I'm still wearing them.

I was perfect with a long sleeve wooly up top. I love days like this.

The return trip was optimal. Downhill and curvy.

Not bad for a quicky ride from home.

In the end, I was extra double please with how the 1.4s rode. I wonder how it'll be with 1" tires. It might just have me getting rid of one of my roadies. We'll see.

Tuesday, hmm. I really regret saying this, as it rarely ever happens, but I'm going to have to pass on this Tuesday. Looks like the weather will be impending anyway, but I'll be at home with the kiddos. Have fun out there and I'll still meet up at Oskars. :)

Redstone Cyclery and Tomac Bikes!

Anyone see the new Mountain Flyer, issue 11 yet? We've got it. And make sure to check the ad for Tomac Bikes on page 8.

Frames in February, completes in April or May. Get your preorders in now :)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Washington Road Biking

The family headed back to Washington for Thanksgiving. Used to be, the inlaws had an extra car and I had more free time (no kid), so I'd rent a bike, drive the car out to Capital Forest (super fun) and disappear for an afternoon or two,

Now, the transportation is gone, time is short, but I still need to get away. So, after a very brief deliberation, I shipped the $100 Gt road bike to the inlaws. Tada! Insta-ride from the doorstep. I spent a couple days putting together a nice 20+ mile route, in the rain and 45 degree weather.

It's pretty spectacular road riding. The main road has a 6ft shoulder most of the way, and the neighborhood routes have next to no traffic. Lots of views of the sound between the trees. The side roads and shoulders have a couple interesting factors: wet ground up leaves and moss growing right on the asphalt.

The rest of these are from Steamboat Island, at the end of the road.