Saturday, January 31, 2009

Intense Tracer VP small black

Jeff stopped in with his black beauty today. He just finished building up this stealth black Tracer VP and stopped in to show it to us after its virgin ride. He's going to make a couple more tweaks to the build but all Sam and I could say on this iteration was, "Sweet!"

Friday, January 30, 2009

BMA Banquet

BMA's wrapping up ticket sales for the banquet, one week from tonight. If you're on the fence, get off it and get some tickets. Sales end Tuesday!

What's it get you? Besides supporting the organization that made Picture Rock and Little Raven and tons of other trails possible (isn't that enough!?!) you get to dress up, head to the St. Julian for dinner, unlimited Dales, a pint glass to take home, tons of items in the auction (Stranahan's anyone?), and you get to see me! Hell, Andria may even wear a dress this year, and how often does that happen??

Here's all the info: Go git yer tickets now!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Turner Sultan, DW link style

We got in our first DW link Turner Sultan today. For an XL frame, this thing is beautifully proportioned. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let these do most of the talking.

Asymetrical stays with an elevated driveside mean no chainsuck.

Here's a look at the undercarriage. Note the greaseport. It's still a Turner ;)

I like dealing with Turner. Not only is their customer service second to none, also is their prepwork. Chased and faced bottom bracket, just like the doctor ordered.

Let's hear it for post mount rear brake tabs. One of David Turner's concerns with post mounts is how to remove a bolt if it gets stuck in there or broken off. He remedied that with removable threaded inserts. Genius.

The rear der cable routing will work perfectly with a SRAM or Shimano Shadow rear der.

The box section. It's still a Turner ;)

Drive side lower linkage.

Clean cable routing.

Let's hear it for the taco. It's still a Turner ;)

Another grease port. This is on the upper linkage.

Another view of the rea brake tabs, complete iwth immaculate welds.

more machining craftsmanship and beautiful welds.

Lower linkage frame pivot grease port.

There's been a lot of hype on these bikes. I can see why.

Industry 9 bling

Jason will be pumped on his new wheelset (that he's waited patiently for...).

I9 light build - the front hub is adaptable for 15mm, 20mm, qr, or 9mm qr. Rear is 135 qr.

These puppies are green ano hubs laced to white DT4.1d rims using alternating green/silver spokes. Sweet!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Snowy Dirt Jump Funtime!

Everybody is probably sitting at home, just chilling out, waiting for all of this unwanted (in my opinion) snow to leave us. Well here at the Sam Powers Compound, we ride in 10 degree weather. Here's some documentation of this frigid fun. 
Snow can be fun.

Although riding my bike and wearing my helmet, that isn't me, it's Norway's own, Andreas Li....somethin'. Haha.

New Tricks!

We strive for fun at La Casa Del Sam.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Snowy Sunday

Doug, Sam, and I got out for a ride today. It was cold. We rode up Antelope into Hall, up and over and down thru the rock garden.

The rock garden of Hall Ranch is a treat on a day like today. There was just enough snow and frozen drizzle on the rocks to keep things exciting.
To add to the excitement, my 3 year old prototype XTR brake lever gave out (front of course) so I was left with only about 30% of my normal braking capacity. At least it was icy enough that I didn't want to favor the front brake anyway.

Sam was styling as usual, making everything look smooth and easy.

The plan was to head over to Picture Rock after the long descent. It was getting really cold, though, and daylight was escaping so we opted for a little Lyons Ghetto Singletrack then back in.

Great ride. I hope everyone was able to get out to enjoy the day somehow today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We're avoiding the bummer life here

Most of you know that one reason of many for opening up Redstone Cyclery in '03 was my quest to avoid the bummer life. So far, so good. Part of avoiding the bummer life is striving to bring you, the bike folk that keep this thing afloat, cool stuff. Stuff you can use everyday, niche stuff, stuff that works. Coincidentally, wool apparel fits nicely into all 3 of those categories. We're proud to now be able to offer SWOBO apparel to you. It's wool, it's made well, it fits well, and Swobo is just plain cool. It's on the way. Expect it next week!

History of LHC

Thanks all for the ride last night. The wheel spoke, people listened. Since we're on the topic of Left Hand Canyon, I thought I'd post up a brief history of the area. The following is an email that was sent in by a loyal blog reader.

"I read your critique of the new trails I thought I would give you a little history I know about the trails at Left Hand.

Originally they were made in the 70’s and 80’s purely to make loops for motorcycle trials competitions. I remember riding and working on them as a young teenager. They were never meant to be multi use year around trails that would see heavy traffic. We would use them 1-2 times a year. In fact all of the single track there was originally for our competitions, and are named after the guy’s who made them(they only recently went to the #’s). We wanted them hard to make the competitions as difficult as possible. I am blown away they decided to re open those 2 [edit - 836 and 837 that drop into Spruce Canyon]. I have ridden them a few times recently on a motorcycle and agree they will be destroyed by riders of less than expert capability. I have already heard of 1 guy who had to leave his bike there and come back with help to get it out. I will enjoy them while I can.

It was sad to watch the destruction of carnage canyon. Us trials guy’s had used it from the 60’s on and never caused a problem, then we get kicked out. Times are a changing.

Keep up the fight for MTB single track; I appreciate the effort you put into it for all of us to enjoy."

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tuesday Ride

Update - we spun the wheel of rides for the first time ever. Put those singlespeeds back in the garage...LHC for those of you that can't youtube.

Hey ho, it's of to Tuesday Ride we go. South Boulder, North Boulder, LHC? I think it's time for the wheel of rides. Alright, here's how it's going to work for anyone that hasn't seen it. We've made a wheel of fortune type of wheel that we'll spin to dictate where we ride. That simple. Since those rides are dramatically different and all over geographically, I'll spin the wheel before 2:30 and post up here where we'll be riding. Still meeting up here at 6.

Word is Boulder Valley Ranch fire trails are all dry as a bone. South Boulder stuff is good to go if we stay East of 93. LHC, I'm sure ;) is good to go, too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lyons to Boulder trail aka Certain Death

Certain Death in the house! I was able to make it to the new (and super cool) Boulder County Open Space building in Longmont for the indroductory open house of the Lyons to Boulder Trail. AKA Certain Death Trail. Only I learned tonight that death may not be so certain. The concept is a trail corridor that travels from Lyons southeast to the Boulder Reservoir. So far, the general thought is that the county would like to use the existing feeder canal (which belongs to the Northern Colorado Water District). They realize that it will not be feasible to use the canal in all areas, so they are looking at putting a wide crusher fine trail somewhere within a mile or so wide swath that follows the canal (area is outlined in yellow, existing canal trail in red). They want to have the alignment figured out by the end of summer.

I heard a lot of interesting comments when I was there. Probably because I came early when most normal folk were still at work and all that was at the meeting were retirees and ranchers. Lots o' griping going on. I heard a few comments about sticks in spokes and ruining the character of the area. Anyone ever poached the canal trail? Character? Seriously. Let's put a big ass million dollar house in the middle of a field next to an drainage ditch and call it character? please. So beware of wealthy NIMBYS on this journey.

The Water Board hasn't given full consent either, to further confuse the issue. They've adapted a wait and see attitute on the project. County staff that I talked to said the Water Board had given the ok for the process but not necessarily the trail itself. Ready for more opinion? I can see the writing on the wall. County gets its shit together, folks get excited then BAM, Water Board says, "well, gee, I guess that wasn't what we were looking to do." I fear wastage of our tax dollars on this one. Guess I'm a bit pessimistic since we've been lobbying for this forever.

On a bright note, I did see town of Lyons staff Howard Armstrong and Jacque Watson in attendance. Don't worry, I reminded them to fill out comment cards. If there's one thing that I've learned in the public process, it's that giving your comments and direction EVERY STEP OF THE WAY really does make a difference. Here's two bullet points that I'm highlighting in my commentary:

1 - Get it done. We've been waiting for this long enough that we don't need to nitpick the alignment. Make it a crusher fine, keep it off existing roads and we're all happy.
2 - Keep it open at night. This project is being paid for with Transportation tax money that we already voted on in '07. Open Space rules are closed at night. This isn't Open Space, though, it's a commutor thru way and a regional connection, not a park. I fear that if we don't hammer on them to keep this open at night, they'll apply typical Open Space rules of governance.

[edit] I just had another thought. Not necessarily important enough to be a full #3, but worth noting. No need to put a trailhead anywhere except Lyons and Boulder. Trailheads along the alignment will do nothing more except create more traffic and piss of neighbors. We want this process to go smoothly enough. Besides, isn't the point to help get rid of traffic? :) [edit]

What can you do? Go to and do some more learning, look at maps, get yourself educated. After you get yourself all smart on the whole deal, email your educated comments to You'll then be put on their mailing list and you'll be updated of further ways you can help.

This is going to be huge. Huge I tell you. We just gotta keep the happer down on this one.

Left Hand OHV night ride video goodness

Don't blame me. Cool Factor Keith suggested that LHOHV south facing up high stuff looked kinda dry so maybe we should ride there. Always up for adventure, the crew gave a good "aye, aye" and we were off. Well, long story short, there was a lot of snow. We still rode, though :) Due to conditions, we shortened the ride by opting out of the additional Upper Carnage section. It was straight up to 5 points, up Fireman's, then down the sweet, sweet singletrack. The singletrack wasn't exactly dry exposed dirt, either. At least we had gravity on our side.

My video editing skilzez are still in process...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Ride

Well, so much for that S. Boulder idea. Heard they even got more snow than us. Perhaps we might spin the wheel tonight. Perhaps we'll ride LGS because it's the only thing going? 6pm we ride anyway.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good ride today

Got out with Doug today for a little singlespeed action on Picture Rock. We were able to start pedaling just as the sun came out full force. The sun felt great but didn't last that long. Up PR to Wild Turkey, then north to the lookout. We rode north Wild Turkey as an out and back. Doug was definitely one with his Redline Monocog - he slayed me coming down Wild Turkey as I pinballed the rigid forked Flight MC thru the rocks.

Picture Rock is such a great singlespeed trail. I especially love it on the bottom flowy sections

Coming back in, the sky was on fire. Hope everyone got out today.

Tuesday ride - South Boulder. This is an opportunity we need to hop on while we can (ie the trail is dry in the middle of winter).

3pm ride today?

Anyone up for leaving the shop at 3pm today for a bike ride? Gotta love dry trails in January. :)

Oh, and here's proof that I cleaned off the bench...

Friday, January 09, 2009

happy hour?

Last time the fam and I were back home, I snagged some of Dad's beer for the crew to sample. Similar to Dale's, but uses English Hops for the finishing hop so it has more of a toasted taste. Come on by for a sample. :)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

spare der hanger saves the day

Do you carry a spare derailleur hanger? You should. A guy came into the shop earlier today - a roadie and he was carrying his bike. In general, carrying a road bike on pavement is not a good sign. Just down the road from the shop, he had shifted into his biggest rear cog and the der went into the spokes in a bad way. 1 Dura Ace 10sp der completely destroyed. They're light, right? The der hanger on his bike was beyond saving as well.

With a little love, a dead XT rear der, and a Wheels Manufacturing emergency der hanger, his team issue TIAA-Cref Javelin was ready to roll. Not perfect, but at least he had a handful of gears he could shift thru on his way back to Boulder. Here's a pic of the Wheels emergency hanger that lives in my bag.
It's a cool piece of engineering. You remove the der and der hanger and take the nut off the end of the skewer. Clamp the wheel back into the frame with the der hanger on the inside of the nut (no spring) and you're all set. The der hanger is held in place with the clamping force of the qr. It is, indeed, emergency only, though. Make sure to swap it back out whenever you get where you're going. It could help save your day.

In other news, registration for the 2009 Bikerpelli opened up today. A few Redstone regulars have done this tour and all reports are that it is exceptionally well run and the route is fantastic. 142 miles from Fruita to Moab entirely off road. Check it out at

Also, good buddy of the shop, Lizzy, sent us this. I nicked this from Chad's blog...

Our friends Lizzy Scully & Heidi Wirtz are founders of Girls Education International. Girls Ed is a non-profit that supports mountainous regions of the world to expand and support educational opportunities for women and girls. Heidi is currently a finalist in the Inspiring Sole nomination that if chosen would earn $25,000 for Girls Education International! The first-ever Inspiring Soles Award recognizes everyday athletes dedicated to inspiring change and involving others through bold athletic endeavors.Check out more info on their non-profit HERE, and vote for Heidi HERE.

Saturday Ride????

Anyone up for a Saturday ride? Not sure what our options are right now but at a minimum we could do Picture Rock up to Heil, around and down or Hall or both.

I can either go in the am or around 1pm (kids naptime).

Suppose to be 45 and dry without wind.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

tuesday ride

I had planned for the Wheel o Rides to be fully operational today but, due to unforseen circumstance, we will have to go another week.

Randy called and said that North Boulder trails/Boulder Valley Ranch are dry. Let's go there - it's been a while and I'm sure everyone misses it. Leaving the bike shop 6ish so we'll be at the lot off of Neva Road around 6:30 or so.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Picture Rock, Winter, and some kick ass winter shoes

Snow ride, take it easy - Snow ride, take it easy,
Snow ride, take it easy - Snow ride, take it easy.

I'm in the mood, the snow is just right,
The snow is perfect, we can roll into night.
Oooh, oooh, snow ride - oooh, oooh ...

Snow ride, take it easy
Snow ride, take it easy

Snow ride, take it easy - Snow ride, take it easy
Snow down, go down, got to get your ridin' one more time
Slide me, roll me, snow ridin' Heil Ranch you're so fine


I'm in the mood, the snow is right,
The snow is perfect, we can roll into night.
Oooh, oooh ...

Snow ride, take it easy - Snow ride, take it easy
Snow down, go down, got to get your ridin' one more time
Ride me, slide me, snow ridin' hell yeah, it's so fine

(Snow ride, easy, snow ride, sleazy - Snow ride, easy, snow ride, sleazy)

Great ride at Picture Rock today with Dough, Chad, and Jen G. Man, trail conditions were absolutely perfect. The snow was light and fluffy. Crunchy and full of traction. Coming down, the snow was so good you could hear it squeaking the whole way down. Squeakey like cheese curds, it was. (like Han Solo piloting the Falcon thru a meteor field. It was rocky and we were playing pinball.)

It was freakin cold today, too. We didn't leave until 3:30 or so, too, so we got the dusk lap. I think it was 10 degrees or so. I was happy to have my Pearl Izumi Barrier GTX winter shoes. Seriously awesome shoes. I've been in these for a few weeks now. They've been great - beyond expectations. When I first picked them up, my first thought was that these shoes were way to light to make a good winter shoe. Not so. They fit great, have a Gore Tex waterproof and windproof liner, and they're slathered up with a whole bunch of insulation. The design is pretty sweet, too.
Hello ski boot technology, meet bike shoes. The inner shoe and Gore Tex liner is on the inside, with a pull tight lace up system, while an insulated and rubberized outershoe is on the outside. Remember, don't forget your rubbers. I've only 2 issues with the shoe, and both are negligible. First is the fact that, while riding in 10 degree weather, you still need to wear thick wool socks. Make sure to size up the shoes at least half a size. The other beef, I only noticed on the first ride. The inside of the shoe has a seam that seemed to catch on my cranks, but I haven't noticed it. Not sure if it was a break in thing or just my poor riding technique that night. The seam has seen zero damage so far so all is good. If you ride in the winter and it's remotely cold, you need a set of these shoes. That good.

lyons cross recap

This is what lucky night time travelers on I76 can look forward to during holiday season.

Back in Lyons for the post cross season recapper race. Attendance wasn't too bad given the bitter temps and the fact that this race was a post season for fun race. Good times were had by all. Here's a few images.

Up and back down the start ramp in the dirt jump park.

And a run up behind the school on classic LGS terrain. Beautiful.
Our good buddies at Oskar Blues threw down after the race. Pulled pork sammiches, Dale's on tap, and a season recapper slide show from master photog, Eddie Clark.

It was a great way to spend a chilly January Saturday.

Friday, January 02, 2009


So I got a little down time after eating breakfast with the sweet childrens of mine (DVDs can be a blessed thing). I’m on day 7 of 7 taking care of my 3 yr and 18 month old girls solo. I’ve been on a race diet consisting of 10 slices bacon/day and non-organic mac & cheese in preparation for the Lyons cyclocross race tomorrow. I am pretty damn pumped for this thing (in spite of my inferior physical conditioning and the fact that I’ve never raced cross before): A) I haven’t been on my bike for a week B) Mr. Mom here has been busting his hump this past week without a break while my soon to be formerly significant other vacations with her sister who also conveniently practices family law. C) I got the ever versatile “Black Beauty” monocog dialed in for the race. Check her out in what I call the ghetto style drop bar 29er with cross tires configuration.
I threw on some 35C cinderx panaracers on my American Classic MTB 29ers, installed a 42T chainring, inverted the stem and bars to get more weight over the front wheel and took her for a spin. It was a fun ride around the fruit loops and thru Bohn Park. With more weight up front cornering was easier. With the big chainring up front I could fly on the flat or slightly downhill sections. Tomorrow should be fun, I think there’s going to be a few other SS MTBers out there at the race, plus can’t go wrong with OB beer. OK gotta go now I think I smell a diaper I need to change.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years everyone. It was such a great New Years Day, too. I hope everyone got out to ride at least a little today. A little was all I got. I was kinda hangin and I'm still nursing a cold so an hour or less was the plan. I snuck out to Picture Rock to see for myself how this new trail is holding up in the winter. I was impressed.
I rode the singletrack all the way to "where the bench is going to go," the first man made switchback at the top of the valley right before you get into the trees. Other trail users coming down said that tree section was the sloppiest up there. From the Quarry up, PR was all good to go. There was slime on top of the trail in the shaded areas, but no real mud. After another day or so of hurricane style Chinook winds, PR should be all good to go.

Preperations are starting to be made for Saturday's Lyons Cyclocross race, too. I will be in and out at both the shop and the race - hope to see some of you around.