Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History of LHC

Thanks all for the ride last night. The wheel spoke, people listened. Since we're on the topic of Left Hand Canyon, I thought I'd post up a brief history of the area. The following is an email that was sent in by a loyal blog reader.

"I read your critique of the new trails I thought I would give you a little history I know about the trails at Left Hand.

Originally they were made in the 70’s and 80’s purely to make loops for motorcycle trials competitions. I remember riding and working on them as a young teenager. They were never meant to be multi use year around trails that would see heavy traffic. We would use them 1-2 times a year. In fact all of the single track there was originally for our competitions, and are named after the guy’s who made them(they only recently went to the #’s). We wanted them hard to make the competitions as difficult as possible. I am blown away they decided to re open those 2 [edit - 836 and 837 that drop into Spruce Canyon]. I have ridden them a few times recently on a motorcycle and agree they will be destroyed by riders of less than expert capability. I have already heard of 1 guy who had to leave his bike there and come back with help to get it out. I will enjoy them while I can.

It was sad to watch the destruction of carnage canyon. Us trials guy’s had used it from the 60’s on and never caused a problem, then we get kicked out. Times are a changing.

Keep up the fight for MTB single track; I appreciate the effort you put into it for all of us to enjoy."


Schuman said...

I wonder if this person knows who "Mitch" is? At the top as you may have seen is a photo of Mitch and the area below has been called "Mitch's Meadow" and based on the memorial that is below the photo, we know he passed away. I've been trying to find out what happened to him and who he was.

dphenderson2 said...

Dave, I appreciate the history of the LHC OHV area. I do think they have done a great job to keep OHV's where they are suppose to be to preserve that area and habitat. Being a mtn bike and motorcycle enthusiast as you know and a volunteer of an OHV area here in colorado I do believe the group who is responsible for making those 2 trails 836 & 837 had no idea of what they were doing. They first of all are not sustainable trails and most definitely not a trail that is suitable for any mode of transportation other than maybe hiking the way they are laid out. I wouldn't even put a horse on the trail. The first real rain storms will wipe most of the trail away. I would like to meet anyone who has officially ridden that whole trail which i believe is 3 miles long in less than 6 hrs, maybe a trials bike but i doubt it. I foresee the forest service closing those trails because they are going to be demolished by anyone who tries to ride them. I rode one of them, i can't remember which one with 7 other VERY capable riders on dirt bikes and it was ridiculously stupid how impossible the most of the trail was to ride. Anyway if this is what we expect to see as trails in that area i say don't waste the time and effort in destroying a section of beautiful land to put a trail that really no one can use.

redstone said...

Here's some more of the email volley that I left out.

I said, "I think the sign at the top is really misleading. There's a lot of guys I know with expert moto skills but they're still going to have a really tough time on a 250+lb bike like a big 4 stroke mxer. They should have changed the wording to mention something about Mad Trials skills :)"

The response was, "You are right, good moto skills will not get you thru that trail."

It is a straight up expert level trials route.

Anonymous said...

I don't not know who Mitch was. There was a dude who lived in a cave just above the main parking/shooting area. He was there for a few years.

I have ridden those trails with only a stop or two on a non trials motorcycle but I am better than the average rider(x-professional trials rider).

It sounds like they are going to open another singletrack, I don't know where or how long but hopefully it will be a much better trail.