Thursday, March 30, 2006

XTR facelift

Shimano can surely feel the breath of SRAM XO on their backs. Check the 07 XTR...

Monday, March 27, 2006

7pm Tues night neva rd trailhead

Night Riding tomorrow, Tues. This'll be the last 100% in the dark tues ride for a bit, seeing as how DST starts next week! Since it's been pretty snowy up high, we'll hit the usual - Boulder Valley Ranch and it's accompanying trails. See you all at the Neva Road trailhead right around 7.

I did manage to get out a bit on Sunday. Despite the 3 gutbuckets of Dales Pale on Sat evening, I still managed to roll out of the house shortly before 8am. When I stumbled out of bed to peek out the window, it was so foggy I could barely see the front yard. I snapped a quick pick of Steamboat mountain before heading out. I caught the very last tidbit of fog as it was blowing out of town.

It was actually pretty damn nice at that time. I was happy to be spinning. The plan was to head towards Boulder on 36. About Left Hand or so, I would head east on dirt for a bit to cut north towards 66 all on dirt roads. It was a great day to be on the cross bike. As I spun south towards Boulder, the sun was shining on me but the fog had not dissapated in the Boulder Valley.

When I got to the Lefthand Split, something in me directed me west and up LHC. I figured, what the heck, I'll go check out Heil Ranch to see how dry it is. Even if Heil is a bust, Geer Canyon is pretty fun coming back down on the crosser. As I turned north up Geer Canyon and made my way to the trailhead, the winds started to slightly pick up. A crosswind or a tailwind here and there, but nothing big. I passed the parking lot and made my way up the service road/trail to the point where the actual singletrack splits off. I stopped there. The mud was getting more frequent and there was still a lot of snow in the shade. I took it all in and headed back from whence I had come. The dirt was a hoot back to LHC. I was the only person up there, too - it was a good day to be out.

I made it back to 36 ok. By then, though, I had been spat upon by a quickly passing thru rain cloud and I had been blown all around. I rode back up North to Nelson and the wind didn't seem so bad. Sucker... I peeled off east on Nelson and made my way over to the radio towners where I could head north on Dirt:

Right here is where the fun started. About at the end of the dirt road in ths pic, it cuts to the left 90degree. Straight into the 60mph wind. With the soft dirt and the wind, I was in my easiest gears and they just weren't cutting. From that point home, I had a massive, not fun , crossing wind. That also includes heading west up St Vrain road into the wind. Worked is an understatment for my condition when I got home. What happened to that leisurly Sunday spin I was looking for.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Brainard Lake to Long Lake Ski

It's not biking, but its still good. Went the tollbooth on Brainard Lake Road up to Long Lake and back on the xc skis. Tons of snow up that way!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Howdy - please take the time to fill out this survey about Lyons. Town Hall is working on an overhaul of downtown. Your help would be appreciated. thanks!

survey here

pair o' fluxes

Finally got these babies done. Beauties, eh?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The first cut is the deepest.

Or dent, as it is.

It was a classic hesitation fall: I saw the line, I hesitated, I fell. An added bonus, as if first scratch on the bike wasn't enough, I racked myself so hard I could taste copper.

Monday, March 20, 2006

No Tues Ride and the Boater Party

First off, no Tues ride for me. Too much to do and too crappy weather.

Last night was the big throwdown to raise money for a new feature in the Lyons Whitewater Park, the October Hole. Check this link for more details. There was a TON of stuff that had been donated for the silent auction. On top of that, the food was superb, the band was rockin, and there was a bunch of schwag freely given out. All in all a great night.

With a hungry 3 year old in tow, we quickly commandeered a booth and headed for the food.
It was quite the spread. Everything from roast chicken and pulled pork to okra and creamed spinach to brownies and peach cobler. The beer wasn't included with admission, but it was bountiful as well. After a few of Dale's finest, things were really starting to happen. After filling my plate a few times too many (I did have to keep up with the beer...) I headed over to the silent auction room to check the donations. For those of you familiar with Oskar's, the entire upstairs bar was filled with donated goods to raise money for the bikers.

It was hard to just get thru to see what to bid on. This one was evident upon walking in, though:
Kipchogee was kind enough to donate the Xtracycle and Redstone donated the bike. All together, a super duper kayak hauling machine. For a town this size, you can't beat it.

I haven't heard if they hit the magic number or not, but it was sure a hell of a time. We partied, raised money, and did some serious shit talking. Perhaps some good will come out of it and Greg will actually read his manual...

Anyway, if you see these two cats around, make sure to give them a big pat on the back for A)a great party and B)a killer place to boat.



Thanks Guys!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

29 and single

Wow, I snuck out this morning for my first ever 29er SS ride. Unfortunate that I got out, too, really. I think I'm hooked. It's only a matter of time before one of these suckers finds its way into my garage.

I took Chris's Inbred 29er out today after a full sized breakfast of bacon and eggs. As it turns out, the workout the SS gave me was worthy of a big breakfast! Conditions on the lower section of trail were great. The dirt was a little damp, but otherwise perfect. The further up the garden I rode, though, the softer that trailbed got. I turned around right below the step. I spent the rest of the ride on some of the lesser known illustrious ghetto singletracks strewn about town. SS and 29 good stuff.

I realized on the ride that, in infinite Spinal Tap wisdom, that this bike is 2+9, which goes to eleven. It was that good. Did I mention that the snow was coming down like crazy?

Oh, one last thing. The "October Hole" boat party was tonight! Fun shit, I'm not kidding. Those guys can throw down. Not quite like us 2 wheeled folk, but it's all good. I'll have more to post in a bit but right now, after about 6 pints, I'm ready for bed...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Lyons Whitewater Project

Just a reminder that on Sunday we are having a fundraiser at Oskar Blues to raise money to build a new kayak hole just downstream from the new bridge in Lyons. There is diversion that comes from Carter Lake that runs all the way until Oct 31 hence the name of the feature "The October Hole". The only one of its kind on the front range. Even though this has nothing to do with biking, there is a ton of stuff to be auctioned that has been donated by local outdoor companies such as sleeping bags, backpacks, shoes etc. Check the link below the for a list of all the items. Redstone cyclery was kind enough to donate a Schwinn bike (Thanks a ton Dave). 25 bucks get you an all you can eat buffet and access to the band "Whitewater Ramble". Doors open at 4 and will go to 10pm. This event is completely non-smoking so bring the family please. Help support the town of Lyons in becoming the outdoor enthusiasts destination whether it be biking or boating, its all good. Maybe someday Dave and I will go into business together with a bike and boat store. Wouldn't that be sweet (I'm sure Arn would want in on that deal).

Tell everyone you know and even if you don't want the gear, you can't beat 25 bucks for a full meal and kick ass music.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

no night ride for me

I'm out for tonight. Parents in town, new baby, and lots of slop and snow = no ride for me. Carry on...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

demo for sale

Howdy all. It's time to part with the 5 Spot demo that's graced the shop for the last year. Gotta stay current and all. This bike has been ridden for about a year. It's seen duty as my part time bike and it has been out on demo a handful of times. It's a got a few scrapes and scratches on it but nothing outside of normal riding wear and tear. Everything is 100% straight and the bike is in great condition. For $2500, here's the breakdown:

2004 Turner 5 Spot, Large black (new in December 2004)
DHX air rear shock
Manitou Minute 1:00 coil over fork
Cane Creek S-6 headset (brand new)
Thomson 5x110 elite stem
FSA carbon riser bar
Avid Juicy 7 disc brakes (2004 made by Formula version)
ODI Lock On Grips
XT 9sp shifter pods (brand new)
Thomson elite post
Flite saddle
XT crank/integrated bb
XT front der
XTR rear der
This bike will have a NEW wheelset on it when sold. XT/Rynolite or XT/717 level.

Feel free to email me at if you have questions.

Friday, March 10, 2006

the latest

Well, the latest is snow. Lots of it. Probably 6-8 inches fell at our place today. Of course, with the warm temps, a lot of it is gone already. There's only about 4 inches out there now. Not a great day for riding...

Lots of news lately. First, and foremost, the area Kayakers are throwing down on Sunday March 19 to raise money for the 3rd and final playhole in the Lyons waterpark. This upcoming new hole, the October Hole, is huge for Front Range kayakers. Since the new hole is downstream from a canal, this will offer boating all through the summer. Boater's season out here is usually done by the end of June but the new hole will offer kayakers the chance to play all the way into October! Anyway, I know it's not bikes, but come on out for a great time.

Sunday March 19 starting at 6pm at Oskar Blues. $25 per ticket gets you a live bluegrass jam band, a Cajun buffet, whitewater movies and all sorts of fun. Silent auction, too. They need to raise a bunch of $ so come on out!

Next, in an interesting turn of events, the Federal government is bailing itself out of it's own short sightedness by selling off capital resources to fund rural school districts. Confused? Yes, that's right. Big brother needs dough, so it's selling of chunks of land in OUR (that's right, we own it) very own United States Forests. Check here for more info and here to see exactly where the parcels are. Yes, it stinks like fucking garbage. Sorry for the foul words, but this is the most crap move yet I've seen from the US goverment. Please write your representatives today to explain to them what bullshit this really is.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

birthday picture

Marley Allison Chase - 8lb 12oz, 21 inches long. She was born yesterday at 3:45pm. Everybody is doing fantastic!

more later...

Monday, March 06, 2006

redstone underground

redstone underground
Night ride tuesday

How does betasso sound. 6:30 at the library in Boulder. Let's see if we can get a ride together without redstone. I'll be on my new sweet 29er fully ridgid single speed on-one. Too cool.

Going Incognito

Indeed, the big day is here. I'm out for a night ride tomorrow everyone. Please meet up in my stead if you feel so moved. I'll be out for probably 2 weeks on the Tuesday Night Ride detail.

We're inducing labor on Tues for kid #2. Don't be surprised if I don't update for a little bit. Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


As you may or may not know, Mary is closing in on the big day to have their 2nd child. I have a feeling this one is going to come into this world wearing baggy shorts riding a Turner 5 spot riding a wheelie with a NiteRider HID mounted to his/her helmet , because we know how dark it is in there.

Please pass on our best wishes to Mary and hope all goes well. If there is anything the Schuman's can do to help out, do not hesitate to ask.


Friday, March 03, 2006


I stopped and rode some north Boulder dirt today. I had the zip with me, too. Man, I got out on that bike just a little bit ago and I've been addicted. There's something to be said for a nice small quick 90's frame built from Logic Prestige tubing. XCPro, top mounts, and lots of Mavic. Even though this thing is 15 years old, it's one of the sweetest rides in the stable. And I've been addicted. It started a few weeks ago when snow rendered all trails off limits. The roads were gravelly and wet, too, so I snuck with a buddy of mine into the hills. For the last few weeks, we've been taking the hardtails out for 25 mile dirt road rides. Fun stuff. Not exactly a day in the saddle but it's sure more of a workout then spinning on the road (which I've been guilty of a little, too). Anyway, I guess a rigid classic was the next bike to fall. The North Boulder dirt beckoned me tonight. Had to keep 'er legal and all, since it was dark.

Tonight was learn to be smoove night. The Foothills and Boulder Valley Ranch stuff is pretty rocky. It's not technical, but there are a ton of little rocks everywhere. It's enough to give a slight pounding on a cross bike or a rigid bike. The nice thing is that you get a super smooth ride if you can move quick enough and pick a nice line. I was on the perfect machine tonight. I rolled north to Neva road and back. There were a bunch of dog walkers and runners out when I started, but I had the park to myself on the way back. Good stuff. Here's a parting shot of the sandy trail on top of the ridge at BVR. Conditions were great, too. Fast and hardpacked.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hall Ranch

Did the Hall Ranch thing last Sunday, got Mr. Bionicon out for his first ride in 4 months. He just had kid #1 so I cut him some slack and rode the full nonsquish bike while he was on the supersquish bike. Those big 29" wheels on the OnOne do soak up some of the trail chatter, but they don't do much in the rock garden. Regardless, I can't keep from smiling when I'm riding it.

Howdy folks! And anticipation.

Stuck at work. Awaiting the moment when I am able to fly the coop. 0730 never tasted so sweet..... Home for a quick nap, finishing loading the car, dead heading through the Zion curtain as fast as I can without a ticket. All to further the goal of nailing a quicky ride on Slickrock before it gets dark.

Getting to leave for Moab, for a five day mini-vacation before a real vacation back east.
(yeah, visiting the in-laws. all good, because: a) I like them b) they appear to like me and c) it'll involve some time in boston, which will mean involving some damn fine eats while there)

That and new toys to play with. The 05 Boxxer Ride on my big bike (the rubber bullit) works quite nicely, but I like the workings and adjustments of the Pike on my hardtail even more. Once I discovered the 06 Ride Motion Control damping internals would retrofit, I ordered them ASAP. Then the waiting began. Of course, the guts just showed up at my dealers place Wednesday. Managed to do the parts swap with minimal hassle, other than some recalcitrant snap ring pliers. Once that problem was solved, things swapped over slick as pig snot. One all too brief parking lot/curb huck/bounce test later, and it was time to go to work. Things seemed fine, but a real ride report will have to wait until some real saddle time is put in.

Beer. Got to add beer to the morning shopping list. Bribery for the Moabite "guide services" of two days. One day to ride on my own, one more to hit Fruita and Grand Junction on the way home.

Thanks to Dave for putting all of this together, and the invite to join in. And thanks for looking. Some ride report and pics in a few days, perhaps while there; bringing the laptop along.