Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bike to Work Day

Another Bike to Work day down the drain. Best part? Dessert once I got home!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wild Flower Rush MSC#3

A weeekend of great views & fun racing in Crested Butte. A guy (or gal) could certainly get used to a magical place like this. The Cross Country race was tough, 3 laps of 10 miles with 1800ft of climbing each. Dave, thanks for the 19T for the Peace 9er, it was perfect. Props to Dale for going the distance & finishing 5th.
So I get the holeshot in the XC style Super-D & I'm thinking to myself..."if I stay upright how many people can pedal past me?"...the answer = 5. I totally blew the first corner skating somewhere in the marbles & loosing my entire advantage from the 200 yard lemans start. Then with the pack on my rear wheel I lose the front wheel in the next corner dropping to 3rd. The final blow comes on an open fire ROAD descent with a group of 3 flying past me, yep on a fire ROAD. I guess the XC may have hurt the legs just a bit.
I was in quite a state after the race, drooling on myself & trying to cough up both lungs in each hack. It must have been a quality scene since I noticed people taking pictures while I lay in the dirt.
Here's my action...


more to come via the Oskar Blues Brews & Bikes Blog
Have a good ride this week, I'll have to miss it in favor of work in Wisco. At least I get to rock the lake with Wolfmother atSummerfest.

My new girl

Meet Lafawnduh. And since I've been training to be a cage fighter, I might get western if I hear you know what again.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Action Shannon

Thought I'd introduce you guys to my lady, remotely. Shannon's her name - you probably heard me talk her up last time I was out there.

Big news is she had her first real crash. On her road bike. Complete with road rash, dented helmet, and assorted action, Jackson. Hurt feelings? nah...she passed me talking trash and crashed off the road. She got over it real quick. Pride will do that to a girl.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tuesday Ride 6/26

In a bold move to mix it up and do something different, let's meet up at the Lion Gulch trailhead. I'll shoot for 6pm, but it'll realistically be more like 6:10 before I can make it up there. If anyone wants to carpool, meet up at the shop at 5:45 sharp for a ride. It takes about 20 min or so to get up there. I can hall 3 bikes and 3 people in the truck. Caveat - Lion Gulch is not an easy trail, up or down. I wouldn't exactly classify this as a novice ride. Bring skills, suspension and gears - you will use plenty of all 3.

In other news, our very own Chad Melis scored the SS cross country WIN at the Mountain States Cup race in Crested Butte this weekend. Not only that, but he went out the next day to finish 7th in the Pro Super D! Way to go buddy, keep up the good work. Hopefully, he'll have some pics for us shortly...

That's all for now. It's good to be back after 5 hectic days in Baltimore and DC!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jamestown Saturday morning?


Here's the results of today's ride: Smiles! Good to meet you John. We wading uphill, got a little turned around, then headed back down with minimal bike carnage, including about 10 yards of fishing line wrapped around my rear hub and cassette.

I need to find out how you guys link trails at the top!

Also, Boulder has plugged up the bottom of the Lefthand entrance we use by chopping down some trees. Nice job, you crazy enviromentalists!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

riding pics

Before I forget, the shop will be closed until late Sunday. I will have my phone with me, though - 303.823.5810. Feel free to holler if you feel the need.

Good ride tonight, too. Sorry that pretty much all the pics were from the climb. It got a little sunlight disadvanaged after we got to the top...

So, we were talking about next weeks ride at Oskar's this evening. If you thought tonight was a hard ride, wait until next week. Lion Gulch at 6:10pm! You'll see :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

riding tonight

Jamestown, 6pm. We'll meet up at the post office, ride, then back to Oskar's for consumption of, well, whatever needs to be consumed.

In a few hours, we ride!

Racing Pictures

A few east coast racing pictures...
That's a 15 mph downhill curve for a car or a 20 mph uphill start for a bunch of bikes. That's me in the middle, trying to get into the singletrack first.

I did not, as it turned out, get into the singletrack first. But it was still nice in there.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I've been meaning to put up a few blog posts over the last couple of days, but I've been too busy. Sorry about that. Here's some random photos from the last couple of weeks to keep you occupied.

The new logo is in full effect.

New sliders from On One.

Ladybug, too. It's good to see that the bike industry still enjoys personality and humor.

Pretty, isn't it. The carbon forks are stealth cool.

Who says we're not material beings these days?

Just another ho hum road ride.

Action Jackson - East Coast News

Just checking in with some Action. I've been taking my interviewing prowess to new heights. Coming soon to a kids mountain bike ride near you. With action, my fellow Jacksons.

Also, here's a video of an Anaconda throwing up a hippopotamus. Which, after the amount of southern bbq I ingested yesterday, post-ride, seems gravely appropriate.

The SouthEast is alive and well. Miss your mugs.


The way it was meant to be

So, made some changes to the Spider 29er already. All I can say is that I found a way to make something that was already exceptionally good, better. One of my daughter's favorite books is called "Duck on a Bike." I was inspired.

And the Tuesday Ride. How about let's meet up in Jamestown at 6pm for some streambed lovin'! There is an off chance that I might have to reschedule for Hall instead (you know, work, etc) but I'll post up Mon eve if that is the case.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Has anyone been paying attention to Zabitchkie in the Daphine? He is quietly in the top 10. I would keep an eye on him for the tour.

Monday, June 11, 2007

North of the Border

I loaded up the family Sunday morning and headed north of the border for some fresh trail action. Curt Gowdy State Park is up near where the Laramie Enduro goes down, and IMBA's been up there building trails. Really fun trails, a great balance between swoopy and technical. We're planning a return visit soon.

Tuesday Ride 6/12

6pm at the bike shop!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Thursday Night SS World Championships

Not really...but Chris & I did have a good ride.
Lots of windfall......and good views.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

BMA Summer BASH is June 9 at Rocky Mounts

On Saturday, June 9, BMA will be hosting it's first Summer get together at 6pm. This could be the biggest party in the history of Front Range mountain biking! We are expecting a large crowd to attend this extravaganza hosted by Rocky Mounts. We will have food from Both Centro and The West End Tavern, Beer from Oskar Blues, and Soda's From Izzie! The party will be free to BMA members, $15 for non-members, which includes a one year BMA Membership! There will be Music spinning all night by some of the best DJ's in Boulder. Get your groove on! Bring your Friends! Spread the word!

Volunteers Needed! We need 10 volunteers to help make this event a success; please contact Steve at if you'd like to help. We want that many so nobody gets stuck at the door or at the food table too long... everybody wants to party!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Found out some late breaking news today. After just recently moving to Golden from Canada, Spot brand bicycles has been purchased by a local Boulder bicycle shop, or at least funded by that shop under the guise of someone elses name. It was quite a tragic turn of events that lead to the recent sale, sorry to say. I'm sure all the detail will come out in due time. Does this mean that Spot will be a Boulder based business?

In other news closer to home, I talked with parks and rec director Dave Cosgrove about the new bridge construction. We are still on plan to get the super pimp big and wide pedestrian/bike path along the highway. Apparently, it's going to be very sweet from town to Planet Bluegrass, but magically, CDOT ran out of money to continue it further than that. CDOT will, however, grade the path as it's planned, but it will be up to the town of Lyons to lay down some crusher fines. I poked around the bridge by Apple Valley, too. Despite rumors and promises of an underpass for ped/bike access to Apple Valley, I just don't see where there's going to be room for it. I think we lost out on that one. And for those of you that keep track (you know who you are), this one's in before midnight :)

Tuesday Night Ride Video 6-5-07

Here's the first video shoot we tried from Hall Ranch with a Helmet Cam. I know it's kind of long & unedited but that will come. Follow Redstone down Hall Ranch, yep Dave had some stage fright & didn't put down his best performance :). You can bet we made it to the open Bluegrass pick just in time. Enjoy!

Nelson Loop to the Antelope trail.

The Bench to the Parking Lot.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

National Trails Day

Redstone closed it's doors on Saturday to join BMA creating new singletrack. We took up the tools & continued work on the Wild Turkey Trail. The trail is taking shape & looking good.

After the work we had a sandwich & beer with BMA before heading up the canyon to ride. We climbed along a rushing river before the final descent back to the car.