Wednesday, June 29, 2005

long one tonight

I don't have any cool pics from this week but the week isn't over yet. Here's one from the vault, just for the heck of it.

This has been a pretty fun week so far. Some very cool bikes have visited the shop lately and the riding has been very good. We even had Lyons Good Old Days happening to boot. Good Old days is the big annual carnival/beertent/cultural thing we have every year. It's a hoot. Lots to do and fun for everyone. This was also the first year for a boating event at Good Old Days. The Kayak scene is really starting to happen out here. Anyway, fun times were had by all, or at least that's the way it looked spectating from the deck of the shop.

Last Friday's ride was fun. We made it spinning just in time to enjoy what was to be the last of the sun. After about 30 minutes, blue skies were replaced with a nice rain. The lightening did not happen so we kept on riding - the rain was helping cool off a hot muggy afternoon and it felt great. It rained on and off for a bit, but it was just enough to make the dirt perfect and the rocks a little slick. The narrow forest riding was top notch. Sunday's ride was equally as good. Carl came up to demo the Flux so we took him into Roosevelt for a good time in the woods. Sunny skies were the call for the day. The singletrack was good and the smiles were large. It was a quick ride, only 2 hours or so, but it felt like we were only out for a few minutes. I wanted to play longer but duty called.

That brings us to last night's ride, the Tuesday Night Death March. The plan was to head into the forest for a quick evening ride. Because of daylight, though, we were going to have to be quick. On Tuesday afternoon, I received the following email:

>Subject: FW: Barking Dog Trail problems
>Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 10:20:48 -0600
>Dave - FYI for anybody you know heading up there. Maybe hang this on
>the bulletin board in your shop.
>I've traded emails with Mark over the years to keep relations and to
>help him out if I can. He owns a piece of property that the barking
>dog goes through. He's in a constant battle with the 4x4 folks over
>the years on whether thats a road or not a road, but he's been cool to
>mountain biking as long as people follow some etiquette.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Mark Boslough >Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 10:43 PM
>Subject: Barking Dog Trail problems
>____, maybe you can help me get the word out about this, because if
>the problem persists we will be closing our trail to mountain bikes.
>We've been having problems with mountain bikers. On
>Friday we replaced some log barriers that we keep across
>the trail to keep out motorized trespassers. The timbers
>have been repeatedly removed over the past several years
>and in at least one instance a trespasser took a chain saw
>up there to remove them.
>Yesterday I caught a couple of mountain bikers riding up a private road

>(marked "private road - keep out") on our property. They claimed to
>have come from the Jamestown side and wanted to go down to the St.
>Vrain. I told them to go ahead but to leave the barriers in place. I
>walked down the trail later to find that most of the barriers had
>been removed again (I can't prove it was by these guys,
>but they were the only people who had been up there
>besides us).
>Here's the problem: If the logs aren't there, the
>motorcycles and ATVs invade. If the mountain bikers want
>to keep using that trail, they need to leave them across
>the trail. Sorry if that makes the trail less fun, but
>it's private property. If the logs have been moved, they
>need to be put back to ensure the trail stays open.
>I plan to take more drastic measures to shut things down
>for good if I have to keep putting those logs back myself.
>Please spread the word.
>Mark Boslough
Barking Dog sounded like a group ride delight, let's go! A few logs to keep out motos won't be a big deal at all, right? Wrong. It sucked. There were logs down everywhere. Interesting enough, especially considering that the landowner's main beef against motos is that they are insensitive in such a fragile ecosystem as a narrow drainage. There were enough trees down that, had it been NFS land, this guy would've been in major felony trouble. How's that for ecologically freindly? It took us quite a bit to bushwack thru the wreckage, but sweet singletrack awaited so we pressed on. We were able to connect the loop,including the oh, so sweet dowhnill and make it back to the carnage before it got really dark. That thing was dark coming down! Despite what daylight remained, thick foliage and a narrow gulch don't let much light in. Not fun when you're carrying bikes thru rocky terrain laden with felled timber. We made it out safely, though, although one of our crew had a sorely sprained thumb. A tragedy, indeed, but nothing compared to Sylvia's Last Ride. Thats a real tragedy, and our hearts are out to Sylvia's family. That's all for now.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

short but sweet

On Friday afternoon, LC and I were able to make it out for a quick little jaunt around the woods before the skies turned to water. It's a short technical romp and it hit the spot. Or the Flux rather. The Spot would've been a little more capable ride for the technical bits, but that Flux is quite the climber. I wasn't prepared, however, for the quick handling of the Flux, as I've been spending time on the 5Spot lately. Just a hair overturn on a fast twisting descent made me clip a tree with my bars. I thought I had pulled it off, but the tree I clipped aimed me right into another, larger tree, which I hit squarely with my right shoulder, knee, and shin. Luckily, the shock to my body was enough that the endorphins running thru me kep the pain away until we were well on our way back down the hill. By this time, the occasionally spitting skies had turned to full on rain. The dry sandy climb on the way up kept getting better as it got more saturated. The timing ended up just right - we rolled back to the car just as the rocks were getting slick and the skies were really dumping. It wasn't quite as bad as Tuesday night's Hall Ranch ride.

Prepared to ride fully enjoy the Solstice by riding til dark, we, instead, got stuck in the rain on top of Hall. Rain is a pretty common occurence, but we decided it best to remove ourselves from the premises when the lightening started to come. Not lightening that you see on the horizon, but more like, blinding flash of white light followed by a crack of thunder milliseconds later. Not good. Good thing the Antelope trail was close by, and we were quickly down from the mountain.

A couple of major lightening flashes (one that temporarily killed all the electricity in town) later and we were back at the bike shop, dripping wet and cold. That ride was cut a little short, but it was a still a great ride, though. The only thing missing was the hike a bike, but we'll make sure to work that in next time.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Just wanted to say howdy and Redstone is back online! It's been about 3 weeks without internet here, pretty painful. I've been riding, though. Should be posting up lots of pics as soon as I get some more time. Keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A little write-up

A little write-up of the weekend's festivities. I had a great time. I imagine a lot of other people did too.

Thanks Dave!