Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Friday, Gates of Hell Ride

Here's a few pics from Friday's ride. If you think I took a picture of you, let me know and I'll see what else I can dig up.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Tuesday Ride, 5/30

hall ranch, meet at the bike shop at 6pm and we'll ride from there.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Lyons Fat Tire Fest VI Friday 5/26/06 Day 1

Alright then! Finally got about all I need taken care of at the house and we're ready to rock. Just one more call (to arrange for beer)before vwe meet up at the shop. Collect at 2:30 today and we're up 20 minutes via car to our destination. Party time!

Monday, May 22, 2006


I'm lacking in digi pictures from Crosier, but here's the last time the ftf headed up that way. .

I really hope I don't take the uberbodyslam like I did the last time I was up there.

Count on rain. View from the tippy top, which was acheived only through much hiking and much biking.

Race Results

So, Chad, looks like you'll be leading the charge down at crosier?

Nice job!

Intense or that other bike?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lyons Fat Tire Fest VI

Memorial Day is coming up! If you're reading this, you are invited. This is the 6th annual Lyons Fat Tire fest. The plan is to ride bikes during the day and party at night. Simple enough. For riding we will be exploring some of the areas best riding - expect the terrain to be steep and technical.

We should get the Friday ride going by 2:30pm. We may leave this up to a vote of who shows, but current thought it North Sheep Mt.

The Saturday ride is an 8:30am meet up at the shop, then caravaning up to Estes to ride the fabled Crosier Mountain. I had my doubts whether or not I would ride this as a loop, but after last weekends 7 hr deathmarch, I'm up for anything.

When we get back on Sat, it's time to party. I'll wrangle us up some Dales. If you want to drink anything else, feel free to bring it. Bring some dead beast to char, too. We'll have the grills fired up.

Sunday will be fly by the seat of our pants/dad day. We may hit something local, but that all depends on how we're fairing after Saturdays ride and Saturday night's party. Come on out!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday ride, 5/16

Hall Ranch today. Meet up at the shop at 6pm for a fun ride led by good buddy Chad!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Race for the Stone (5/13/06)

So I am so proud, I pushed my girl into tackling her first race this weekend!! She did Battle of the Bear, it was her very first Mountain Bike Race! She got third and was almost as pumped as me!! Go April!! I decided to get into the SS race as well, it was a 28mi hammer fest. Charlie Hays lapped every other SS, even second I believe, though Bloomer got second and Dan Durland got third. He's so fast they should make him wheelie the course on a fixie!! Anyhoo, I took fifth in the SS catagory but was happy as it is not my type of race (too short, WAY too fast!!) and it was a great day, even greater seeing my gf live out part of her dream. Hope everyone had a great weekend as well, judging by the blog pics seems as though everyone did. April and I also got in 12mi in Buffalo Creek ride at Chair Rocks on Sunday, great times!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

more riding and then some

the money shot

debaser and melis on the roots. Hey, that's real dirt, too!

this offshoot was starting to look a little faint...

But it really was a trail. Where's the scarecrow when you need him?

Chad doesn't look tired yet. Not that he did at the end of the ride, of course...


Despite a broken spoke 20 minutes into the ride, and a failing freewheel later on, this was a damn fine ride. I hope you boys had a good end of the ride without me, cause I had a freaking great time.

things that make a ride good

we have lift off

we have blood

The rest is all a blur. Focus on bikes.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

riding bikes is good

Dog days of Spring

So took the pooches out today for a truly glorious morning ride in the hills. I don't honestly think it can get any nicer out than it was this morning.

I grabbed the dogs and left the house at 8am. Stopped by the cup for some coffee and breakfast burrito and then we were off. We were on the trail by about 845am and we started climbing. The dogs haven't been out riding with me as much as we used to. I used to take these guys on 15-20 miles stompers but I just don't have the time to do that much anymore. I really miss getting out with the dogs, they get to run and I get to ride, everyone wins. Today was a 10 mile ride so I definitely put them to work but they are champs and made it just fine. They even got to eat one of my Clif Bars at the top so that may have been the key to them finishing.

Top notch riding.

Did anyone else get to either of the Boulder Mountain Parks/Open Space meetings this week? Thanks to those that did. I made it to the Thursday showing. Apparently, it was a little more calm than the Tues version. The overwhelming theme of the evening was equal access and pro multi use. There were several maps up like the one in the pic. All of them had that many yellow notes. 80% of the notes were pro bike. Good stuff. Please read about the areas and the issues here. Then go to this page and submit a comment. Here is some more info from the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance (BMA), along with some things to note in your comments. Thanks all for your help in this. This could make for not only more mtb access, but some really great riding near town in Boulder. Heck, it could also help lessen the crowds at Hall...

Man, Debaser took me out on a ride tonight near Boulder. The trails were great. Springtime is in full effect. I think I've now got the Maverick DUC 32 where I want it, too - that fork rocks! It was truly evident on some of the rock strewn roughage Debaser was charging down in front of me. Add to that the fact that this fork, coupled with the 6.6, means that I can take that bike thru some really wack lines and have a good time with it. I'm feeling a lot more at one with the Intense 6.6. I think I'm in love... Oh, more love. Stopped at Big City Burrito tonight post ride. There's definitely more love. Next time I'm getting the potatoes.

Friday, May 12, 2006

What smells after an hour in the saddle

Just ask Dakota......

paging davetoo...

davetoo please call the courtesy phone 303.823.5810 & give me your phone number/email... thanks!


Here I am planning to head to Madison next weekend and I bump into this on the web.

I know I don't need it, but I sure want it.

Fat Tire Fest VI

Howdy all, make sure to keep Memorial Day open if it's still open. It's time for the 6th annual Lyons Fat Tire Fest. I was going to type some big ol long thing to promote this fine event, but you all know that it kicks ass so I'll forego the verbage.

Here's the scoop:

Friday 5/26 - afternoon ride, app 2pm. Depends on when folks get into town. We'll more than likely do the classic N Sheep loop.

Saturday 5/27 - the big dog. We'll be out a long time on this. This year, we're heading back to another Fat Tire Fest classic - Crosier Mountain. Meet up at the shop at 8am and we'll caravan to the trail. It's just outside of Estes Park. Expect approximately 40 minutes of drive time from Lyons. This can be ridden as a point to point or as a loop. It's freaking big as a loop and involves some time on the road so be prepared. Be ready to be gone all day. Oh yeah, it WILL rain.

Saturday 5/27 PARTY - Well, the party starts as soon as we get back to the casa (fat tire fest started as our housewarming party...). We'll have a keg o' beer ready to rock. We'll have at least one grill going, too. Bring a grill if you can. Bring food. Whatever you want to eat. I'm sure we'll have plenty, but after a big day of riding, too much food is not a bad thing.

Sunday 5/28 - we may or may not ride Sunday. This has typically been Dad's day with the kids (heck, the ladies need some time to chill, too). We'll see how it fits into the schedule. We'll also see how we're feeling that day...

So that's it. Fat Tire Fest VI. Come on out!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Tuesday ride this week was a blast. We'll definitely hit this one a few more times this season! Thanks all that came out.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

18 Hours of Fruita

So Jason Sheeley and I headed out for the 18 hours of Fruita meeting for the first time. He ran solo as I ran it duo with an old mutual friend's and riding partner (he's my friend too!). It was a blast!! It was a little stressfull that the loop was 7ish miles, would have helped to have been at least like 12ish miles but oh well. It was a very fast course and Jason got in fifteen laps on his first ever solo effort, would have been more but I was told he had lighting issues that kept him down in the dark hours...either way, nice job Jason, you'll rock in Elephant Rock's 24!!
I started the race out for Phil (my teammate) and I. Laps were fast, on my Single Speed laps were still sub 30 minutes if you wanted it bad enough. On my third lap I crashed pretty bad and thought my race was over. Four hours later Phil came in and out I went. My race came back to me as I ended up doing 14 laps and Phil doing 9. It was a fun race and Phil and I came in DFL!! We didn't stage at the pit, nope, we leasurely rode into camp as the other leasurely got dressed and went out. We had a great time but slow results, sorry Dave!! LOL All in all we met many cool people and were able to spread the gospel of the Stone (That's why I went slower...HA!)!! Enjoy the pics and get out there and ride!!