Monday, January 30, 2006

Tuesday Night Ride 1/31

Come on out to enjoy the last day of January. I spent Monday sick in bed, or rather, not in bed. Let's just say it's the first time I've ever pulled a leg muscle whilst sitting. Anyway, I'm game for taking it easy on Tues. Hardtail friendly Boulder Valley Ranch it is. Neva Rd trailhead at 7pm. Vogelman, bring your tickets - I'll have my checkbook!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

easy like sunday mornin

M got dibs on the early time slot today - she was out and about before the sun could even pry open my eyelids. That let me stay home and eat breakfast with Z. I got to enjoy a Sunday am cartoon with her before sneaking out for my fix of dirt.

I've been spending a lot of time on the fs bikes lately, so I mixed it up a little and hit the trail on the hardtail. It sure felt fast on the road over there!

I love looking across the valley when the sun is emerging like that. It's a good way to let the day begin. I went up the frontside today. I hadn't ridden that side without full squish since who knows how long. I did manage to flounder uncontrollably a few times, but I still made it up clean. It was a great day, too. Not too many folks out and the trail was in prime condition. Just a little bit of snow.

I followed up the morning's ride with a hectic like busy day at the shop and later with little Z's first outing on a bike. She'll get the pedaling thing dialed in shortly. Right now we're working on steering and going where you want. We had a good time weaving all over the parking lot of the high school. It was a little blustery and cool so the ride wasn't exactly an epic. A few laps around the parking lot with Dad pushing were all we could sneak in. Next time, we'll go for more but I think we're off to a good start!

If anyone is reading this far, are there any thoughts for Tuesday's ride? Shall we play pinball down the boulder fields of Left Hand or do we aim to roll stealthily through the smooth singletrack of Boulder Valley Ranch? Thoughts?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lyons Velodrome Public Meeting Monday!

I just got this passed along to me regarding the new potential Velodrome in Lyons. This will be presented at Monday's Parks and Rec meeting. The proposal is up in the air right now due to lack of specific details. Hopefully, some of them will be revealed at this P&R meeting:

On Monday, January 30, 6-7:30, in Town Hall, Doug Emerson and Frank Banta (of Boneshaker's LLC) will give an overview of the proposed Bohn Park velodrome. This is our chance to understand the mechanics of the proposal and try to ferret out issues, benefits, and concerns for Bohn Park. The meeting will be open to the public.

Agenda for velodrome presentation and working session - 1/30/06

Introductions - Dave Cosgrove
Velodrome presentation - Frank/Doug
Q&A - Frank/Doug

Monday, January 23, 2006

Tuesday Night Ride 1/24

Meet up at the Left Hand Trailhead (the one right off Neva Rd) at 7pm. We'll head down into Boulder Valley Ranch and the res area stuff. If'n it's too mucky, we can roll out for a few miles of dirt roads, too. Sorry I can't think of anything too adventurous. Seems that it's a tad snowy yet in most spots. I'm game, though, if there are other suggestions...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Little rides

All told, I spent about 3 and a half hours out and about this weekend from in the hood (Lousiville) on the OnOne. I was surprised at how much snow stuck around all weekend and how little things got mushy. Good days to be bundled up and out on the bike. The rigid fork on the OnOne is a little rough on choppy footprinted snow (I should get to saving up for a Reba all ready), but the footprint with the big wheels does great things for control. Best of all, the white is stealthy in these conditions.

I only say one person today on a bike (besides the wife, yeah!): A dude in his mid-ish twenties, riding a $300 mountain bike in a sweatshirt, jeans, and a huge smile.

Gunbarrel to Niwot trail

Good news for riders NE of Boulder. Thanks Lidarman!
Connector Trail From Gunbarrel to Niwot

weekend highlights

It was a good weekend at the shop. I was lucky enough to see quite a few regulars with the good weather. Lots of folks on road bikes and just a few that braved the slush at Hall Ranch. The Legendary Brintoni brought in a fun project. We took a ratty looking '94 GT Avalanche, complete with Mag 21, and turned it into a rockin' townie. After all was said and done, the bike ended up looking pretty damn good. The Mag 21 shined up nicely and the seals are still good. 55psi and holding still. The Avalanche had spent a few winters outside but with a little love, new cables and new chain, the thing looks like new. The topper is the pair of townie tires on such a cool fast classic mtb. The thing zips around beautifully. It will be a great machine for it's intended purpose.

In other news, it's been 29er central around the house. Got a sweet Waltworks in for a brake rebuild, a new 29er xc race rig on the horizon, and several of the usual suspects are into two nine in general. Maybe it's about time I stepped up... Well, it's in the works but not the top priority around here.

There's been quite a bit of talk about the Velodrome lately. Seems like everywhere I go I get bombarded with questions about the track, but I have gathered some good feedback. So far, so good, as most folk think it could be a pretty good deal for town. Here's my take on it:

I think it's a no brainer for the town. The investor's have committed to the costs of building and maintaining the facility and the have a demolition bond on top of it. If things don't work out, they remove the facility boy scout style (better than they found it). The town is out absolutely nothing. Sign me up.

In other news, I got out a little on the road tonight. Up through an old ghost town on a round about ride near Lyons. Conditions were great. The dirt was good and the snow hardpacked. Very nice. Seems like about every time I get up here in the snow I see some big old paw prints. They are usually about as fresh as the snow. These prints looked a few days old. Big, though.

Hey - Tuesday night ride - how about meeting up at the Neva road trailhead for Boulder Valley Ranch Tues at 7pm? I'll try to check conditions out to make sure it's doable. Heck, if it's wet we can always hit the dirt roads...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

hard to go incognito in conditions like this

Today was a great day. I got to spend most of the day with my daughter - a pleasure that I don't get to enjoy often enough. I lucked out and got a late afternoon hall pass during naptime. What's the perfect CO outdoor activity when it's 30 degrees and inches of fresh snow are on the ground? Yep. Ridin'. I went up Antelope, did a loop, and came back down Antelope. Super serene. Days like today are fantastic. The trail had 2-4 inches of fresh snow with a hard dirt base underneath. From the Antelope lot all the way to the top of the loop in the back I only had to dab a few times going up. I had an ass dab on the perma ice on the loop. Heck it looked smooth and that snow, well... BAM - butt to ground in miliseconds. Got up laughing from that one. Today it was definitely key to keep the gyroscope spinning to maintain balance. I had a couple of slow goes in switchbacks but was able to tractor thru without incident. Did I mention that the 5 Spot tractor is a superb snow bike. That long wheelbase really comes in handy with squirrel inducing ice and snow underneath.

Even though it was late in the afternoon when I rolled out, I was lucky enough to have fresh tracks pretty much the entire way. Towards the bottom of Antelope on the return trip, though, I encountered 2 guys riding up, not far from the bottom. Seemed like they were having a tough go, but hey, they were doin' it. Another beautiful day in paradise without question.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ride on the Intense 5.5

I got a chance to sneak out for an hour or so on Sunday on the new Intense 5.5. I was expecting something different from the Turner 5 Spot, but I was truly blown away at how this bike handled. I made a little write up comparing it to the 5 Spot and put it up on the Redstone site. It's a question I've heard quite a bit, so here it is...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Night Ride, Tues 1/17 - 7pm in Boulder

Meeting up at the Library in Boulder just west of Broadway on Arapahoe. We'll meet at 7pm and ride from there. See you at 7!

mlk snowy forest ride

Today's ride was fun. Save yesterday's 1 hour Hall Ranch ride, today was the firt time I'd been out in almost a week. With conditions having been super warm lately this morning's light snow didn't deter our ride plans. To the forest we went, so we headed north and west up into the clouds. It felt just like an early spring day. The clouds hung low but the ground was warm and the snow was wet. It didn't feel cold at all. The otherwise sandy conditions were tacky and had just a thin layer of white.

The ride started off well enough - a fantastically fun descent right off the bat. No warm up and right into a steep and technical chute. That blanket of white was a bit unnerving with slick rocks and off camber roots but we made it down in one piece. A leg exploding lunbuster of a climb ensued. And so it went for the rest of the day. Ride up, grunt, errrrrr almost there, followed by dropping down rocks and chutes to the bottom of the next gulch. Repeate. Remember to rest when you can...
We hit the short loop at the end of the trail and started the long way back, enjoying fun descents where we were struggling uphill the first time around. It was a great day to get out. We finished up under a clear blue sky and melting snow. Purdy Good.

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Thought for Summer...

You know those rides you do that, when you're done, you swear to yourself and everyone around you that there is absolutely no way that you will even think about ever attempting that feat again? Thennnnn, time passes, that ride has somehow magically gotten easier in your head and you start to daydream?

I've been thinking about that very thing lately. In fact, I've been thinking quite a bit about the last uber death march. This wasn't just a really long ass ride, it was a 100% bona fide death march. Complete with all the requisite fixins like 2 big mountain passes miles apart, 15' cornices in July, nut deep water crossings, a 1500' game trail descent, moose antlers, a Kawasaki Mule, the world's largest beaverdam/superfortress and a low elevation of 9200'. I have now reached the point where I can finally realize (in the safety of my own home) that that particular ride was one of the greatest rides I have ever done. All 10 hours of it. It was definitely a dawn to dusk afair.

We started about 1000' below this pass on the left side you can't see. From here to the bottom then climbing to the ridgeline in the way back on the right is the first 30% of the ride...

Before we even attempted the ride, I did my due diligence. I called forest rangers, talked to bike shops, solicited internet help. No one had ever heard of it except the rangers, and they hadn't been up that way in a couple of years. When you encounter that, you know you're in for an adventure. It was. I am ready to tackle the beast again.

I've had the maps out. It really is a great way to ride during the winter you know, reading maps and daydreaming. I've found another way around the beaverfortress that trapped a significant amount of time and effort on the last attempt. There is a singletrack/service road option that will allow us to bypass the marshy tree fallen area where sweet singletrack used to live.

Not too mention the fact that when we ride it next summer, we should push the date of the effort back to August. Heck, the pass is only open a few weeks out of the year. Last time, we were forced downhill early due to a snowed in ridgeline single track that looked like it would be oh, so sweet.

The long game trail descent wasn't bad, but the rocky marsh that it dumped us into was. Another time (and foot) suck that we can avoid. And maybe, just maybe, we'll find a new starting point so as to eliminate the 3000' climb out at the end of the day.

Yep, that ride was so great that I cannot wait to do it again! Next years ride will be smarter and better, for sure. And I'm sure it will be much easier ;). I might even bring an extra pair of socks this year...

August - when's a good date? Mark your calendars...

Hall/Heil/Lyons connector

The commissioner's meeting (the last one in a long, drawn out process) was Thursday night. Please everyone send a big thank you to BOA for what we've accomplished.

Trail users walked away with an additional loop of maximum allowable size at Heil Ranch, a connector from Heil to town, and a bridge over the South St Vrain to get to Hall. Most importantly, the County agreed (so far anyway) to minor concessions on wildlife closure boundaries to allow for a greater user experience and a more flowing trail!

Next Tuesday ride - 1/17

How about meeting up in Boulder and riding from there next Tues? We've had interest from some Boulder peeps and I haven't ridden a few things around Boulder in a bit. We can meet somewhere in Boulder around 7 and ride from there. Who's in? Anyone have a preference of where to meet or what to ride?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

lefthand night ride

Great ride up in Lefthand OHV last night, crew. Anyone (especially anyone who thinks they can help put the route together again) want to go back up there on Friday night or Saturday if it's still dry?

-Dave T.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

be there

Boulder Offroad Alliance

Proudly Announces

The Boulder Night of Mountain Biking Champions

A Gala Fundraising Dinner for BOA

7:00 PM, Friday, February 3, 2005

Historic Boulderado Hotel


Master of Ceremonies: Announcer Dave Towle
(Tour of Georgia, Tour of California, Boulder area races)

Julie Furtado
Paul Turner
Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski
Andy Hampsten

Silent Auction
Special Recognitions

$65 Supporter
$100 Sponsor
$150 Big Wheel
Cash Bar
Sponsor and Big Wheels receive special treats!

This is your opportunity to dress up! Business casual or nicer.
Bring your partner!

Proceeds will go to support the mission of BOA

BOA is an organization dedicated to designing, building, and maintaining mountain bike trails and representing mountain biking interests in Boulder County. We work with land agencies to keep trails open and promote quality mountain biking opportunities. Since founded, BOA has completed 77 major trail project days and contributed more than 13,500 hours of volunteer time.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Golden Day (1/8/06)

Tim and I are new here (thanks Dave!!) and apologize for not posting our last minute epic but Sunday turned into quite the beatiful day aside from LOTS of wind. We started at the parking lot off Alameda making our assent on Green Mountain, from there we took the Zorro Trail up the back of Dakota Ridge, going right at the saddle (north) and dropping down to the Hwy. From there it was north to the foot of Chimney Gulch and then across the top of Lookout to Apex. We came down Apex but stayed clear of the trail up the middle as there was just too much ice to deal with. From there we came back up the Hwy to Dakota and back over to Green Mountain, and then an easy 3mi cool-down on the way back home (Tim had a little further to go). It was a great 35ish mile ride that we should not have been lucky enough to do this early in the year, next time we promise more of a head's up and look forward to meeting you all out on the trail!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ridng in Lefthand Canyon OHV

Mr. Redstone and I met up at 8ish this morning (more 8:10ish for me, sorry) for some lefthanded fun. Great adulterated trails, unsantised, unforgiving. Thanks for the ride Dave!

A trail report on the Intense 5.5 is overdue now, but the condensed report gives it two thumbs way up!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


I think I am going to strangle my web hoster. Don't worry about the main Redstone site. It will be back up and running soon!

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Just got a couple more Niteriders in, one even for myself. This means that I have an extra light for use as a loaner if anyone needs. I can't wait to check out the new one. First time HID for me.

Monday, January 02, 2006

More Ft. Fun

Here's more of the Ft. Fun trip today. It was super duper good.

Road trip to Ft. Fun

Horsetooth was fantastic. 2600' of climbing and about 15 miles of top notch singletrack was just what the doctor ordered for an early January day. After riding the woodsy and sometimes icy singletrack of Horsetooth, we headed north for the rolling hills of grass at Lory State Park.

Thanks for all that came out, and special thanks to MK from Lee's Cyclery for helping to tour guide!