Monday, November 22, 2010

Tues ride 11/23

Join us for our pre Thanksgiving Tuesday ride.  Meet up at the shop at 6pm and we'll take it from there.  We'll do a trail conditions check and male the call at the shop.   Another round of Left Hand perhaps?  A sides this time?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday report

Picture Rock Friday morning action time today. I rolled out of the office around 9am. Condtions were 95% good on the way up. A couple of spots were getting a little greasy, primarily between the pic-a-nic bench and the silo. I did see something that bummed me out a little. Foks, regardless of how greasy or muddy it gets, please do not let these stray tracks belong to you...

I've talked to County trail employees ad naseum about mud. They would still prefer you to ride down the middle and make a rut vs. going around. Ruts are easy to fix. Wide trails are tough to narrow back down.

I rode all the way up to the junction with Wild Turkey. Above the silo and quarry, conditions were top notch. A bit soft here and there, but otherwise dry or perfectly tack dirt. Good stuff I tell you.
The trip back down was another story. It was a little after 10 by this point and things were starting to warm up. Between the silo and the pic-a-nic table were getting very greasy on the way down.
So greasy that my bike ended up kinda filthy and in need of a wash. Those same sections are only going to get muddier as it gets warmer, too. I suspect they'll be dry and good to go by the time we get more moisture :)

If you're going to ride PR, depending on the time of day, be prepared to turn around. And don't let those stray tracks off the trail be yours.

Monday, November 15, 2010

11/16 Tuesday ride Left Hand!

Left Hand OHV is a callin'.  I got up there today for a little recon ride and found conditions to be most excellent.   Meet at Redstone Cyclery at 6pm or the OHV main entrance at 630ish.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Intense Tracer 29 and SlopeStyle 2 on SALE

Just got word from our boys at Intense that they are putting Tracer 29s and SlopeStyle 2s on sale.

Here's the lowdown:

*While supplies last
*Tracer 29 frame and Rock Shox Reba 140 on sale for $2500 package deal.

*SlopeStyle 2 completes for $3900.

Call or email us for more details on this most excellent deal from Intense

Monday, November 08, 2010

Exploring new local terrain. Still!

Ahhh Mondays. The day that everyone hates because their weekend is over. But not me. Monday is my weekend. Today I fully intended to take every advantage of having a Monday to myself with the kids in school. DST is over and there's snow forecast. My deductive resources indicate that if I didn't enjoy the 70 degree weather today, my opportunities at 9000' may well be over until next Spring.

So I drove out of town and up, up into the hills to take advantage of the weather. Not knowing what I'd experience, I brought my duffel bag with a full complement of apparel. Starting at 8000'ish and knowing I'd spend the day between 8 and 9000' I decided on knickers, baggies and short sleeves. Short sleeves at altitude in November. Woot!

There was not a lot of snow up there. Actually, not any.

But there were some "no bikes" signs. Unfortunately, gotta respect the signs. It wasn't where I really wanted to end up anyway, so I didn't mind turning around.
The Aspens look different without the foliage. Beautiful, but different. More Blair Witch stick style beautiful.

A once relatively fun-ish jeep road now isn't.
Because the good ol' USFS doesn't mess around with typical road graders. If their roads are bumpy, they go straight for the pair o' dozers.

But the views didn't dissapoint. Neither did the new bike, a Transition Covert. So far this machine has been allllll good and zero bad. zero. I'm loving it.
There was technical climbing. (note to self do not come here when it's 90degrees in July)

And some equally technical and viewtastic descending.

And some creek crossings.

Oh damn. Did I mention the views? Money.
And even a little pavement. Even that was fun.
Best yet, this ride was legal, mapped, and marked on the ground by the USFS. Secret trails? Nah, don't need them. I've been explorin' these lands for the better part of 12 years and this one was still new to me. All I had to do was open the map, point, and there it was.

Do I need to point it out to you? Nope. Grab a map and explore. Go somewhere you've never been. You'll find something good :)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

DST Sale!

Now thru Sunday 11/21, we're having our first ever "Goodbye DST, we'll miss you" Sale. Since things are getting dark early, we thought we'd do something to help you cope with the shorter days.

15% off lots of things that will help you with night riding like:
-Niterider (includes non stock items)
-gloves, socks, and cold weather accessories (booties, warmers, etc)
-Tifosi and Optic Nerve eye sunglasses (with interchangeable clear lenses!)
-Tires (but not because they'll necessarily help with night riding, tires are just fun)
$4 26" and 700c tubes
$5 29er tubes

So, Lyons peeps, you want a FREE year long RTD pass?

Great news for anyone that lives within the Lyons Planning Area! Thanks to our friends at Boulder County, Cemex, and town of Lyons, you now qualify for a free ECO pass for RTD. These passes normally run about $1800 but if you're in the LPD, they are totally free.

This ECO pass will get you a free ride on any RTD bus or light rail. Period. For one year. Here's the details...
*****************************************************************************As a Lyons resident, you are eligible for a Free RTD Eco Pass. This is a community-wide annual pass starting December 1, 2010 and will entitle you to unlimited usage of RTD services.

Eco Pass holders are entitled to unlimited rides on RTD transit services, including:

  • Any local, express or regional bus.
  • Boulder's Community Transit Network: HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH, STAMPEDE and BOLT.
  • SkyRide bus service to DIA ($5 to DIA, free return fare).
  • "N" bus to Eldora Mountain Ski Resort.
  • Light Rail.
  • call-n-Ride

Using your Eco Pass is easy. Just show the Eco Pass photo ID card to the bus driver or light rail inspector. Then take a seat, relax and enjoy the ride.

All Eco Pass cardholders are also eligible to use the Guaranteed Ride Home Program from Ride Arrangers free of charge. This peace-of-mind program gives cardholders a free taxi ride home in the event of an emergency, illness or unexpected schedule change that requires you to work late.

Get Your Pass: To qualify for this pass, you must live within the Lyons Planning Area. Bring proof of residency to any of these locations on the dated indicated and sign up for your FREE RTD Bus Pass.

Dates to pick up your pass: November 6th, at the Lyons High School 12-3:30 pm; November 13th, Walt Self Center, 8:00am-1:00pm, November 16th, Lyons Town Hall, 3:00pm-7:00pm.

These passes are made possible by The Town of Lyons, Sustainable Futures Commission in conjunction with Boulder County and CEMEX.

For more information contact the Town of Lyons, 303-823-6622.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Wow. Today the bike world says goodbye to Titus

An email sent from Titus this morning to it's dealers:
To All Titus Business Partners:

As many of you know, Titus has been working through a challenging year.* We have made significant efforts to restructure the company.* Unfortunately, we have run out of time. *

Our largest lender is foreclosing on an outstanding loan.* Commencing immediately, they will initiate an orderly liquidation of company assets.*

Titus is well known for great customer service, including warranty service.* Please be patient with us as we work through this most difficult time.* We will do everything possible to keep our loyal riders on the trails.

All inquiries and requests will be answered beginning Monday, November 8, 2010.

Many of you have been partners with Titus for a very long time.* We deeply appreciate your support through the years.

You are on our list because you are a dealer, have been a dealer, or have requested information about becoming a dealer for Titus.
Here's a link to an article in MBA posted today.

This is hugely horrible news. Titus has been around since day one and has made great bikes since the beginning.