Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Blah, but the Ridin' Ain't Too Bad

Winter.  Over it and ready for Spring.  Right?  The weather has been a serious tease lately.  Got a solid snow day, followed by warmer and warmer temps.  Til the next snow day.  The cycle repeats.  Problem is, the cycle hasn't been allowing for much real quality dirt.  Maybe a day or two if you're lucky or now where to go.  I got my day in.  Last week, Monday, at Bobcat Ridge just outside of Masonville.

I got up there, ironically, about 10 minutes after Kevin so we rode together. Bobcat was fun!  Road climb up followed by a meandering, fun descent that had very characteristic Tony Boone style.  Does anyone know if that was Arrowhead Trails that helped design that?  Well, whoever it was did a darn good job.  Bobcat Ridge is most definitely worth a visit if you're remotely close.  Go.

Then more snow.  Just as things were starting to get rideable.  Really rideable.  Now we're kinda back to square one.  I'm going to go to Hall Ranch to check out the rock garden.  Maybe we'll have a run of dry weather for a while ;)