Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday Special, 2/1

Happy February 2007, and welcome to this Thurday's daily special.

this is one for the local peeps. Come by this weekend - I'll have the heat on.

Tubes - any size regular butyl tubes, 10 for $25. You know you'll need them when the snow goes away!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Tuesday Ride, 1/30

Let's meet up 6:30 tomorrow night and crank some steep roads on the ss's tomorrow. I'm out for Bluegrass, though. Too much on my plate.

I'll bring the cold weather refreshments.

Just to commiserate

first ride out on the single speed and this happens...
1 mile in...
on the way to work...
in the dark...
15 degrees out...
and snowing...

I feel your pain brotha'


Tuesday Ride

Still no improvements on places to ride so if anyone is interested in another 5th avenue assault and then right back to the bluegrass pick count me in. I still have had no success with land access permission from the man so still no go there. My feeling is that Manny is not sure to say yes or no so he keeps putting the responsibility on his uncle who is the President of the Homeowners Association. According to Manny, his uncle said no but told me to call him. Which I just did and I feel like I'm getting the run around. I'm getting close to riding up 5th ave and then renegading it back into town. If we're never going to get permission we might as well ride it until they tell us no.

But that just me talking, this is by no means a representation of the bike shop (thats extremely important).

The only good thing about this weather is I've been spending some time with the little on the Lyons ice rink.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thursday Special 1/25

There are a few '06 Large Turner Fluxes left in both colors (polish and orange anno). Come and get 'em. $1349 with a Fox RP3 rear shock. Spread the word, I don't think they'll last too long. New '07s with RP23s are $1649 msrp. Email me ( you're interested.

In other good news, the snow has finally thawed enough that I can finally see the dirt and rock that is my driveway. woohoo!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Red Gulch Suffer Fest

So I was going to go and just cruise around town with the pooches but the Gulch kept pulling me closer and closer until finally I was on it. Its funny how your mind works, I was all ready to go on a road ride but just didn't feel like it. Next thing I know I'm trying to push the 32x18 up one of the steepest roads around. I am weak man so only having to walk one small section made me proud.

Here are some photos. Bailey wanted to do it again once me made it to the top but I said not today tiny dancer.

Sorry the photos aren't that great, I used my camera phone. I've been banned from using our nice digital one.

Tuesday Ride 1/23

I think I'm going to pass on riding Tues eve, unless someone makes a compelling argument to get out. I will, however, try to make it down to pickin' if I don't ride. Ride anyone?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

short and snowy but sweet

It was a short ride today. I didn't have a lot of time, but that was ok. 17 degree weather doesn't get me particularly motivated to be out for hours. It was snowing a good bit when I headed out for my ride today at 9am.

I rolled thru Meadow Park. Parks and rec had plowed the bike path enough that it had been packed down from several thaw/freeze cycles. It was perfect with just a couple inches of fresh snow on top. I said hi to Bill V and stopped to talk with him. He was shovelling off the skating rink for some skating later in the day. Talked for a bit, then rode off on my snowy SS tour de Lyons. I rolled out to Old South, then up Red Gulch. The climb wasn't easy. Not only does the road get amazingly steep, but the 2" of slick fresh snow made it impossible for the rear end to hook up efficiently. As I climbed the dirt road, a Boulder County Parks Ranger was heading back down the hill, no doubt after patrolling the border of Heil Ranch at the dead ends in the neighborhood. It's legal foot access from July -Jan, but there are signs everywhere about no bikes. I heed them. I kept climbing and made it up to the first right hand switchback after Jasper before I deemed myself to tired to soldier on with the ss in the snow. I turned around to enjoy the snowy descent back to Old South.
I made it to the last right hand switchback going down and guess who was parked in the pull off - the BoCo ranger. I suspected he was going to wait there for long enough for me to get into Heil, where he could approach me for poaching the park. Not me occiffer! Especially at this point, we have too much riding on the legit bike connection to Heil, which seems to be proceeding about the pace of a glacier.

So I got to thinking on the ride today, thinking about the good things the snow brings and will bring. First off, whenever the snow does finally melt and the trails dry out, they will be in better shape than ever. I expect that the singletrack at Hall will have time to rejuvinate. It really gets beat up in the winter over the snow and freeze cycles when folks ride thru and around the mud up there. I imagine the trails out of Camp Dick will be a little less sandy, too. Wonder when we'll be able to ride up there - late June? The boaters are going to love this Spring, too. With all the snow up in the hills, the runoff is going to be huge this year.

That's all for now. Keep on slipping and sliding in the white stuff. We'll be better off down the road because of it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bionicon Update

I was lucky enough to run into Mic from Bionicon last week. He says hello. He also had with him their new big daddy freeride rig, the Bionicon Ironwood. It's a super cool bike. 38lbs as it sits. The bike is a burly 8" freeride bike, but has adjustable geometry so you can steepen the head angle for climbing

and slack it out for dh.
I also was really into the simplicity and the rigidity of the front axle (a dedicate hub/axle for their Special Agent freeride fork).

Not to mention the clean welds and excellent machine work. And this is a production version, too.

I'm eager to see the new Bionicon Supershuttle, but there's only 1 around right now. Hopefully we'll get to throw a leg over this new 30lb 6" travel bike soon. If anyone is interested in Bionicon, let me know. It's also likely that Mic will be out here with some demos at Lyons Fat Tire fest this May.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thursday Special, 1/18

I know, I know. You're thinking, "Road's not your deal, Dave, what's this?" Well, it's Intense's new badass road bike. It's designed all in house at the Intense facility and built alongside Pinarello's finest carbon rides. Yep, it's good. And only $1395 for frame and fork, 100% carbon. But road riding just isn't as exciting as mountain biking? Try going 60mph on tires that narrow if you want to know exciting. You know you want one. email me, for the full skinny.

more on the Intense 5.5 29er

Here's a few more glam shots of the to be released this Spring Intense 5.5 29er. It's also got the new White Bros 130mm 29er fork, too. This might just be a good frame for the Maverick DUC, too...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Leadville 100

Well...the Leadville Trail 100 registration packet hit the mail this week. We'll see how the lottery treats me. Then if I'm "lucky" how the 102 miles & 12,000 vertical feet of elvation gain/loss treats me. I'm betting on a painful introduction, if I'm "lucky".

Monday, January 15, 2007

Tuesday Ride and Spring Desert Trip

So, if anyone else is up for trolling around on the SS Tuesday night, meet me at the bike shop at 6:30. Yes, 6:30, not 6.

Oh, and keep the 2nd to last weekend of March open. That weekend (3/23-26) or somewhere in those dates, we will be heading west to the desert. Much camping and riding will be involved.

Old Time Hockey

Completely unrelated to cycling but since its so darn cold I thought I would let everyone know that every Wed night from 7-10pm there is drop in hockey located at the rink in Meadow Park (Lyons). This is for all levels and ages. Very fun so if you got some skates and stick, come on out and join. Just one more thing that makes Lyons so great.

Moutainbikers Like sKiing day.

Some skiing at down Flatirons Vista way today. Super fun. Even the wrecking parts were pretty fun!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Only in Boulder

I snapped this photo with my cell phone the day after the first big blizzard we had. I was driving to Broomfield to play some hockey down 36 between Lyons and Boulder and I couldn't help but laugh. The plowing priorities here are pretty cool. Notice that the both sides of the highways bike lanes are perfectly clear. God bless Boulder County.


Since you guys can't ride outside, I'll post a pic from my ride the other day. We have no snow... but we do have mud which means I am spending time on the cross bike.

How are you guys keeping up your spirits? Are you spending time on the trainers? If so how do you keep yourself motivated and amused. I put on a fresh ipod playlist but even that gets old.

Any good riding videos? I just saw Kranked 6, those guys are SICK!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Blog Special 1/11

Rock Shox Recon Solo Air 351
internally adjustable travel - 130/100/80mm.
Motion Control damper with external rebound and compression
4.2 lbs

Only $325. Compare at $410 elsewhere. Email for the scoop!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BMA Annual Fundraiser

It's that time of year again. Come out to throw down with the BMA. All the money goes towards working for more and/or better trails! Hopefully, since it's at the St Julian, Lyons' own Jason Rogers will be cheffing up the goods. Besides, Mary said that since she isn't pregnant this year, she might just have to have a few cocktails!

2007 Boulder Mountainbike Alliance

Banquet & Auction

Hosted at the St. Julien Hotel & Spa

Friday February 2nd at 7pm

For the love of trails!

Please join us at the 2nd annual BMA banquet to celebrate BMA’s accomplishments in 2006 and to raise money to help shape the future of mountain biking in Boulder County. This regal evening at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa will include a three-course meal, silent auction, live auction and a raffle for an overnight stay in one of the St. Julien's beautiful rooms. Race Announcer Dave Towle will be Master of Ceremonies once again.

If you who missed last year's gala, you just don't know just how much fun it is to get dressed up and party in a swanky place with your usually get-dirty-on-the-trails friends. One thing is certain, we know how to have good time!

Tickets are $65 per person. Click here to make your menu choices and buy your tickets online.
Tickets will be available at Rocky Mounts by the end of this week.

It's time to dust off those nice threads and support Mountain Biking in Boulder County while you take your partner out for a posh evening and support Mountain Biking in Boulder County! We hope to see you there! Contact Botsy Phillips at or 720.629.5100 with any questions.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thursday Blog Special

Gravity Dropper Descender Seatpost

3 inches of on the fly height adjustability


email to order

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My return back to Colorado was beautiful, but didn't include much riding. The weather didn't seem to slow down this guy, man that looks tricky.

Although it didn't include any riding, I headed to one of our regular summer riding spots Peaceful Valley for some snow filled fun.

Then it was back down to get ready for the NYE celebration. Ybor's DPA balancing act was a crowd favorite.

Monday, January 01, 2007

At least the roads were finally good for riding this weekend. I got out Sunday and today on the cross bike. Todays blustery chill was nowhere near as nice as yesterdays balmy late afternoon sun.

I figured with temps the way they were, the dirt roads within the boulder-longmont-lyons triangle would be good to go. There was definitely mud and slop in places, but there was still plenty of packed snow to go around. The snow felt as if it had been made for 35c knobs. The ride home got pretty cold today. I rolled back into Lyons just as the sun was setting and temps were falling. It was a refreshing chill, though.

That's what I did on my New Years vacation. Happy New Years everyone.

Oh, and the Tuesday ride will be in full effect. Meet up at the shop at 6 and we'll figure it out. There's not much dry or even rideable so we'll probably hit up some around town stuff then go to Oskars.