Friday, February 29, 2008


Chad, Christina and Sam swung by prior to the Tuesday night ride showing off this extra styling rickshaw. It's one of Planet Bluegrass's latest acquisisions. It's got an 8sp Acera drivetrain, a solid rear axle with independend springs, and a Magura motorcycle disc brake mounted right on the rear axle. I think the front wheel had about 173 spokes, too. If that's not enough, it's got room under the bench seat for a six pack!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Night Ride: I have a famous brother...

After speaking with the big cheese about mud & bad conditions we are heading to Left Hand OHV area this evening. Because that place drains quickly & gets a bunch of sun we should be good to go. Get your geared bike cleaned & lubed up to hit this steep S.O.B. We will be meeting at the shop at 6:00, so we will get up there between 6:20 & 6:30 ready to ride.

Here is a little somethin' somethin' to get you through the long slow winter. A bike accident survivor & brother to a very famous villain. There are quite a few of these episodes, they're filmed in the motherland - Madison, WI.
Here is episode 1

and a little Chocolate Rain to combat the snow.

Monday, February 25, 2008

the new Bohn Park plan, Tuesday Ride

Art and I made it to the high school tonight for a special Board of Trustees meeting. Tonight the fate of the infamous "in the vicinity of Bohn Park" trailhead for Heil Ranch was to be decided. Honestly, with all the bitching and moaning that's been going on by the NIMBYs that live in the area, I was really surprised that there were not more folks at this meeting. Granted, it was pretty full as is, but mostly by the outspokin majority that's been to a lot of the public meetings already. I know of several folks that live near the proposed trailhead that are suprisingly against the location that did not come out in support of their viewpoint. Oh well, hindsight is 20/2o, eh?

In the end, it came down to majority vote that the North Heil Trailhead will be located in Bohn Park. I'm sure LaVerne and the Golden Gang and all other NIMBYs or those resistant to change will try to get a petition going or something. We'll see how that goes over. Make sure to read the local paper on Thursday!

Honestly, I think it's great. We've supported a commitment that we've already made to Boulder County. By showing them that we can be a supportive partner, we can now look to the future in good faith and partnership to things like a connector to Rabbit Mt, the Certain Death trail, and trail access to Steamboat Mountain. Good things are on the horizon and this should help with all of that.

Hmm, Tuesday Ride time. It's rain/snowing now so stay tuned. If it's really crappy, or there's lots of snow, we'll keep it local. I'll put more details up tomorrow around 1.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

wow, lots

Lots of cool things have been a happenin'. Here's a few pics of Andria's Intense 5.5 FRO. This bike turned out super bad. Bad is good, that is.

Black and white. Simple as that.

Custom built DT 240 hubs on tubeless Mavic 819 rims.

The details go down right down to the FRO only head badge.

Completely changing gears, who's up for a trip to the dump?

Ol blue makes a good hauilin' vehicle.

Leverage is our friend. Especially when it comes to old, old, industrial carplet and glue.

Oh, and John's bike is looking pretty blingy lately. Lots of blue highlights, including nipples and Nokon cables. I didn't take closeup pics of the super sweet custom built Hope Pro II hubs and Mavic 819 tubless rims.

I wrapped up the week with a very nice ride. On the roadie no less. I was lucky enough that I had a camera with me when I saw these. It's not often that you see big horn sheep at this low of elevation. At least, not anything that I see often. How many sheep can you see?

I actually like getting out on the road. Especially when there's appealing roads like this.

I stopped at a little pulloff a couple of miles above the narrows. Everything snow in this pic is usually the waters of the S St Vrain.

I tried to stay local and to stay on the fun roads. Not a bad "alternate" view of Steamboat Mountain.

Anyone up for a Tuesday ride? The latest word was South Boulder. How about a roundup at the Marshal Mesa trailhead off of 93, right by the quickie mart on the way to Eldorado Springs. 6pm at the bike shop or 6:30-6:45 at the trailhead.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

No tuesday ride this week

I've got too much going on so I will not be riding this Tuesday. I'll be renting a carpet/tile scraper and going to town with it instead. If anyone is interested in working for a few hours and then going to Oscars, drop me an email or give me a shout. I'll supply the beer for working individuals :)


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Night Ride

Mr Redstone himself is having a bout of internet issues so I'm posting to let the rockpile know our tentative plan is to ride Boulder Valley Ranch. Redstoners to meet at the shop at 6:00 or at the BVR trailhead. Single Speed will be my steed for speed(that rhymes & you know it).

Here's a clip for you Dallas Cowboys fans:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

BMA Gala???

Does anyone have any photos/story about the Gala? Post them please....

In the meantime, I thought you might find this kind of funny. Minnesota cyclist and dog take on Judge Judy.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Sheldon has passed/night ride/crossin/sale

Let's all bow our heads and give a moment. Sheldon Brown, America's walking encyclopedia of all things bicycle has passed on to greener pastures and less populated roads. Check out, also.

The Tuesday Ride is still on. Bring your lights and your SS. We'll be doing the LGS (Lyons Ghetto Singletrack) ride. Don't know if it's worth driving from afar, but if riding dirt roads and bike paths around town is your cup o tea, come on out. 6pm.

Dan emailed me this. "FYI. The Cyclocross State Championships are airing on CET (channel 105 on Comcast in Longmont) at various days/times throughout the month. Next airing is tonight at 7:00 Schedule links at the bottom of the following link:"

February Sale, too!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Winter Park Singletrack

Headed up to the Fraser this weekend for a little get away time. Didn't want to mess with the resort and all the big bucks, so I packed the xc skis. I wanted to hit the Creekside/Flume loop, but that whole area is closed for pine beetle removal. What I got instead was climbing up the backside of Tippery. I've never played on the xc trails there in the winter, and now I can't wait to go back. I will, however, wait for this fresh blister to heal.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Good buddy Andria passed this along...

Can one of you guys add this info to the Redstone blog? I want to seeas many of the Redstone crowd as possible, and Jason tells me some ofthe guys were delaying ticket purchases... we've sold 125 of the 150max already, so the clock is ticking.

buy em here