Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday report

Picture Rock Friday morning action time today. I rolled out of the office around 9am. Condtions were 95% good on the way up. A couple of spots were getting a little greasy, primarily between the pic-a-nic bench and the silo. I did see something that bummed me out a little. Foks, regardless of how greasy or muddy it gets, please do not let these stray tracks belong to you...

I've talked to County trail employees ad naseum about mud. They would still prefer you to ride down the middle and make a rut vs. going around. Ruts are easy to fix. Wide trails are tough to narrow back down.

I rode all the way up to the junction with Wild Turkey. Above the silo and quarry, conditions were top notch. A bit soft here and there, but otherwise dry or perfectly tack dirt. Good stuff I tell you.
The trip back down was another story. It was a little after 10 by this point and things were starting to warm up. Between the silo and the pic-a-nic table were getting very greasy on the way down.
So greasy that my bike ended up kinda filthy and in need of a wash. Those same sections are only going to get muddier as it gets warmer, too. I suspect they'll be dry and good to go by the time we get more moisture :)

If you're going to ride PR, depending on the time of day, be prepared to turn around. And don't let those stray tracks off the trail be yours.

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