Sunday, June 03, 2007

National Trails Day

Redstone closed it's doors on Saturday to join BMA creating new singletrack. We took up the tools & continued work on the Wild Turkey Trail. The trail is taking shape & looking good.

After the work we had a sandwich & beer with BMA before heading up the canyon to ride. We climbed along a rushing river before the final descent back to the car.


debaser said...

Oh man, I really should have sacked up and shown up for trail work, and post trail work ride. Glad you guys helped out, thank you.

Guess I'll have to head to the meetings to get the dirt bismark completed later this week.

redstone said...

Not that anyone noticed, but that trail isn't a 4' shovel handle width :). 24" was the rule, but we were able to round down to 20" or so when we could.

In that pic of me walking thru the creek, that look on my face is saying "My toes are so cold they are burning!"