Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years everyone. It was such a great New Years Day, too. I hope everyone got out to ride at least a little today. A little was all I got. I was kinda hangin and I'm still nursing a cold so an hour or less was the plan. I snuck out to Picture Rock to see for myself how this new trail is holding up in the winter. I was impressed.
I rode the singletrack all the way to "where the bench is going to go," the first man made switchback at the top of the valley right before you get into the trees. Other trail users coming down said that tree section was the sloppiest up there. From the Quarry up, PR was all good to go. There was slime on top of the trail in the shaded areas, but no real mud. After another day or so of hurricane style Chinook winds, PR should be all good to go.

Preperations are starting to be made for Saturday's Lyons Cyclocross race, too. I will be in and out at both the shop and the race - hope to see some of you around.

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