Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Snowy Sunday

Doug, Sam, and I got out for a ride today. It was cold. We rode up Antelope into Hall, up and over and down thru the rock garden.

The rock garden of Hall Ranch is a treat on a day like today. There was just enough snow and frozen drizzle on the rocks to keep things exciting.
To add to the excitement, my 3 year old prototype XTR brake lever gave out (front of course) so I was left with only about 30% of my normal braking capacity. At least it was icy enough that I didn't want to favor the front brake anyway.

Sam was styling as usual, making everything look smooth and easy.

The plan was to head over to Picture Rock after the long descent. It was getting really cold, though, and daylight was escaping so we opted for a little Lyons Ghetto Singletrack then back in.

Great ride. I hope everyone was able to get out to enjoy the day somehow today.

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