Friday, January 02, 2009


So I got a little down time after eating breakfast with the sweet childrens of mine (DVDs can be a blessed thing). I’m on day 7 of 7 taking care of my 3 yr and 18 month old girls solo. I’ve been on a race diet consisting of 10 slices bacon/day and non-organic mac & cheese in preparation for the Lyons cyclocross race tomorrow. I am pretty damn pumped for this thing (in spite of my inferior physical conditioning and the fact that I’ve never raced cross before): A) I haven’t been on my bike for a week B) Mr. Mom here has been busting his hump this past week without a break while my soon to be formerly significant other vacations with her sister who also conveniently practices family law. C) I got the ever versatile “Black Beauty” monocog dialed in for the race. Check her out in what I call the ghetto style drop bar 29er with cross tires configuration.
I threw on some 35C cinderx panaracers on my American Classic MTB 29ers, installed a 42T chainring, inverted the stem and bars to get more weight over the front wheel and took her for a spin. It was a fun ride around the fruit loops and thru Bohn Park. With more weight up front cornering was easier. With the big chainring up front I could fly on the flat or slightly downhill sections. Tomorrow should be fun, I think there’s going to be a few other SS MTBers out there at the race, plus can’t go wrong with OB beer. OK gotta go now I think I smell a diaper I need to change.


redstone said...

good luck Doug. The ghetto bars will certainly prove advantageous.

Melis said...

nice man, lookin good.