Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quality over Quantity

or... Everyday is a good day for a bike ride.

We got out for a quick LGS (that's Lyons Getto Singletrack). Temps were a balmy 17 with patchy sun. After looping thru the park, we hit the frozen tundra of lower Picture Rock.

Then over to Hall for a lower to upper parking lot loop. The snow was good. 6-8" of powder and fresh tracks.

Back to the shop. Riding in weather like this is awesome. It's the only time of year you can end up a ride with a bike that's cleaner than it started.

Back at the shop and Chad reminded me that I had an espresso machine at home. I retrieved it. Espresso now on tap :)

The wheel o' rides is almost done. Don't know that we'll have many options for Tuesday, though, but we're still going. See you then.


Jesper said...


The espresso machine is a nice touch, and not a bad complement to the cold temps we are experiences these days.

Love the comment about the bike ending up cleaner at the end of the ride!

kjohnson said...

Looks like perfect weather for some ghetto single speed action on Tuesday. It's beginning to look a lot like single speed season.

Dug said...

I like that in the 3rd picture you have both an Open and a Closed sign displayed. :-)