Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dirt Roads and Dead Ends

I ducked out for a short sub one hour ride today. I've been wanting to take the XO out for a while now. A week or so ago, I brought it down to the shop to fix a flat, only to discover dry rot on both tires. They were 2.0 Conti Town and Country tires. They were nice tires with good traction, but I was curious how fast the XO really was - it got some new 1.4 Michelins this week.
I pedaled up Apple Valley, then north on Blue Mountain Road. I think Apple Valley was the wettest thing going today. Despite the 60+ weather, Apple valley still had lots of ice and snow. At least I wasn't on the roadie. North into the hills and life was good. I think Blue Mountain Road has got to be one of my favorite places around when the sun is setting. I poked it out to the dead end and turned around. Ironically, Ipod was playing Dirt Roads, Dead Ends and Dust. No dust today, though, just tacky, tacky dirt.

Not often that we're busting out the shorts in December. Still had to go with the tall Smartwool Hiker socks. Probably my favorite socks of all time. So comfy I'm still wearing them.

I was perfect with a long sleeve wooly up top. I love days like this.

The return trip was optimal. Downhill and curvy.

Not bad for a quicky ride from home.

In the end, I was extra double please with how the 1.4s rode. I wonder how it'll be with 1" tires. It might just have me getting rid of one of my roadies. We'll see.

Tuesday, hmm. I really regret saying this, as it rarely ever happens, but I'm going to have to pass on this Tuesday. Looks like the weather will be impending anyway, but I'll be at home with the kiddos. Have fun out there and I'll still meet up at Oskars. :)


Tree said...

I saw you heading down apple valley. I would have stopped but with darkness looming, I thought I'd keep going and let you maximize your ride! Antelope was a little wet in spots but the loop up top was nearly dry. Amazing for December!

redstone said...

I waved :)

Cellarrat said...

Im soooo envious of your XO!

sound like a fun quickie

redstone said...

It's awesome, Dave. I've always been a huge Bstone nerd - MBs were my first couple of bikes. I've wanted a '93 orange XO since, well, '93 or so. Finally found one last year. It rounds out my RB1/MBzip/XO1 collection. You're welcome to ride it next time you're up. You can coast on it, though :)

Schuman said...

Does anyone have any ideas for a ride tomorrow? Ghetto? 5th avenue heartache? I'll be at the shopyap at 6pm.

chris L said...

we can do boulder valley ranch or just town stuff. I'm okay either way. Single speed!!!

redstone said...

BVR might be sloppy. It's sunny and warm out. Lots of melting snow out there.

Schuman said...

My bike is at home. I'll be at the shop at 6pm with SS. I'm cool with some ghetto rippin. I just need to get the hell out of the house. Or my wife needs to me to get the hell out of the house.

Anonymous said...

Ghetto singlespeeders unite.
I'll be sportin a duc on my monocog tonight. I rode hall rock garden with it Sunday and it took it up a notch or two.