Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eight at Nine Thirty

Over a few beers last night, a last minute Sunday am ride plan was hatched. Despite all of those potentially involved, for whatever reason (could have been the 8 degree temps, could've been the hangovers) the only brave souls that showed were Keith and myself. The sun helped things to feel much, much warmer than they really were.

We rolled out thru Bohn Park and hit the lower lower section of Picture Rock out to Red Gulch. Again, with the snows and the winds, it was arctic frozen tundra - you couldn't even tell where the trail was. It was a struggle to make it to the road. Up Old South was a little chilly with no sun and a fast road. The Hall Ranch parking lot basking in the sun was already a welcome site.

To our surprise, one lone rider (on a sweet Turner Sultan) was gearing up to head up, too. Trail conditions were winter-perfect. It was a mix of hardpack snow, ice, and dirt. You had to work a little harder than normal, but the trail was easily cleanable. Once at the top bench, a quick time check told me that it was time to head on in to the bike shop. Keith kept a going. Later Keith - have a good ride and stay warm up there.

Looking back down to the southeast, you can see where our Boulder County friends have resurfaced a little bit of trail. It is the same crusher fine that they laide by the cliff on Wild Turkey as well as the lower section of Picture Rock. I was happy to see it, as this particular section of trail is always muddy in the Spring and Winter.
The descent was rippin' as usual. Heck, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - no matter the conditions, the downhill thru the Hall Ranch rock garden never, ever, ever dissapoints. Today was no different. Here's a glimpse of today's wintery conditions.
It's going to warm up significantly in the next few days - when it does, stay away from Hall. It's going to be one big soupy mess. Enjoy it now, though - those frigid temps are good for something!


kjohnson said...

That first downhill from the bench as usual was a challenge after snow and wind because it gets drifted in with a hard crust. Then for the next climb it stated out mostly clear of snow up until it gets into the trees. From there on it was progressively snowier but passable to the start of the Nelson loop. I did not really intend to do the loop but just was checking it out. Even though it was nearly completely snow covered It was more "passable" then I expected so I proceeded going clockwise. I ended up hiking a few sections where it was to steep to get traction in the snow or bigger drifts. By the time I reached the top I was whipped out from cutting through crusty snow. Coming down as cold in the 14 degree air but a blast sliding around all the corners. When i reached the Antelope Trail I hung a left knowing that with out suspension and being very tired at this point I best not come down the rock garden today. Good stuff as long as it is cold. When it finally melts out it is going to be a mess so hit it while it's frozen.

redstone said...

Ay, good write up, Keith, thanks for that. Wish I could've gone up further, but the bike shop opened at 11 and I was jonesing for some of that crappy bike shop espresso:)

We had some good hangin's out at the shop later, too.