Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter is here, keep those feetsies warm

Now in stock in limited sizing, Pearl Izumi Barrier GTX winter bike shoes.

These wind and waterproof GoreTex puppies are super insulated, stiff, and really light for a winter shoe. Expect a review shortly, it's been cold out here! ;)
Give us a holler if you need some. It's going to be a long, cold winter.

Speaking of long, cold winter, how about this Tues at 6pm? Yep, we're still riding. Fan mail has been good lately. A recent email queried if we were still riding? Yep, we're still riding. I've got a couple options in mind, but we'll hit the wheel o' rides after new years. GB Chris is back with us after that so we'll have to celebrate. I'm thinking of a round town warm up, followed by a little brutal hill climb action. To the top up the RG/Jasper/Jade/Quartz way? That'd push a few boundaries that we haven't in a while. How about a brief visit to the pain cave before holidays? That is, unless, the BVR area or LHC is rideable. Anyone got a guess on conditions up Left Hand?


Schuman said...

what sizes are available?

Also, I'm willing to bet the LHC coudl be worth a look. Maybe I'll go up there and do some scouting.

redstone said...

44.5 is as small as I've got as they fit pretty small. I can get other, though - PI has them ready to rock.

Schuman said...

mmmmm, after today I could have used those babies.

Melis said...

siiiick shoes...mmmmm pearl winter wear.