Monday, December 22, 2008

Lefthand OVH Part I

Hola Ninos, with the temps a little warmer I decided it was time to find some singletrack. Since most of the trails up above the OHV area are south facing, I could see from the road they looked dry so I started my way up. I made the mistake of going up the creek bed which we usually ride but of course it was completely snowed in. So I pushed my bike all the way up. I was bound and determined to get to that singletrack so I forged on. Its was well worth it. However, next time I think I would rather go up the trail and come right back down.

This is a map of the OHV Area. Up through the shaded area by "286", the up 286 all the way to 286D, Then down to trail 841 and then 842. I missed puttin tire tracks over Legaults legs.

Headin up from the road.

Small taste of dry singletrack but it wouldn't last long.

This is what I had to push through..misssstaaaake!!!

Finally, the top!!!!

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