Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Washington Road Biking

The family headed back to Washington for Thanksgiving. Used to be, the inlaws had an extra car and I had more free time (no kid), so I'd rent a bike, drive the car out to Capital Forest (super fun) and disappear for an afternoon or two,

Now, the transportation is gone, time is short, but I still need to get away. So, after a very brief deliberation, I shipped the $100 Gt road bike to the inlaws. Tada! Insta-ride from the doorstep. I spent a couple days putting together a nice 20+ mile route, in the rain and 45 degree weather.

It's pretty spectacular road riding. The main road has a 6ft shoulder most of the way, and the neighborhood routes have next to no traffic. Lots of views of the sound between the trees. The side roads and shoulders have a couple interesting factors: wet ground up leaves and moss growing right on the asphalt.

The rest of these are from Steamboat Island, at the end of the road.

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