Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lyons Oskar Blues Cross - January 3rd

Hey all, just an FYI for a good day on & off the bike.

**ride tonight, 6pm, bring squish and gears :)**

Come & ride the 2009 hangover outta your legs on January 3rd at Lyons High School with www.boulderracing.com
The plan is a shortned day of just a few races during the "warm" part of the day. We're following that up with a 2008 cycling bust up party at Oskar Blues' new Banquet Barn. We'll have a simple cheap lunch and a FREE BEER with your race number. We'll also have a pictoral review of the 2008 season by www.photo-cycle.com & possibly a few other photographers as well.

Check out the flyer HERE for all the details.

Tell your friend & have a good time on the bike...come one, come all for a fun day on the bike.


Cellarrat said...

oh boy maybe i can get my butt there....

Cellarrat said...

humm the link to the flyer isn't working

Melis said...

It's a big file so it takes a while. Check it out here: