Sunday, April 05, 2009

rode bikes today

out and back on Picture Rock to the bridge, then to the top and back of the rock garden at hall. All in all a little greasy but should be prime with a day or so of sunshine. By Tuesday, we'll probably be riding in the pea gravel again (5:30 at the bike shop!). Between Picture Rock and Hall, we ran into the one and only Rockin Ron during a short blizzard condition whiteout on the highway.

Didn't take long for the snow to accumulate on wool. I wonder what it'd feel like to be a sheep on a day like this.
One of the few greasy sections. Slop on top but no trail damage.
Dirty D gets 'er done on the rigid single. He didn't want today to be the break in day for his new, sharp (and pristinely clean) new Turner Sultan.
It's official now, too. All dogs in Bohn Park must be on a leash unless they are in the dog park.

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