Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuesday, still riding

I got out a bit today on the trails. Picture Rock was picture perfect up to the silo,

where standing water was starting to happen. It wasn't bad at past the quarry, but turned muddy quickly after another couple of switchbacks.

I turned around and headed to Hall. 1/2 way up the rock garden and it was all good.

We're riding something. Maybe a Hall/Heil combo pack. Or maybe, just maybe, we can go to Left Hand OHV for some mudplants. The trails there are in the sun and drain well (cause it's stoopid steep) so it could be fun. Lyons to Boulder commuters, anybody got a snow report on that area?

And Rockin's back on his bike so maybe we'll have a sighting?


dougm said...

When I drove back from Boulder about ten this morn whitey was still gracing the peaks of OHV. It looked doubtful to me. Any body got a drive home at 5 pm look?

Spam Powders said...


Schuman said...

How about a night ride at Hall to get a ground report on the loop? But I could be talked into OHV.