Wednesday, April 08, 2009

wowsers, great ride last night!

What a difference a week makes. Last Tuesday, it was just Chris, Doug, and me on a blustery cold day with not great trail conditions. Last night, though, we had 20+ riders show up to sample all of the good riding in Lyons.

We rode up the Antelope Trail into Hall Ranch. The Nelson Loop was a muddy mess so we passed. Back down the rock garden (which was in absolutely perfect condition) and over to Picture Rock. We still had a few minutes of waning daylight so a little out and back was just the ticket. Again, perfect dirt. Coming back down PR at dusk with no opposing uphill traffic was super sweet.

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Matt Saunders said...

Ooops, I attached my comments to the wrong blog. I'm new to this.....
Here is a link to last nights ride stats, I recorded them on my GPS and uploaded it to

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