Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Edge 705 / Topofusion

Another toy courtesy of Dave- a Garmin Edge 705. I looked on ebay but Dave's pricing was competitive. I've been checking out a website called and found a link to Topofusion seems like cool gps software - I prefer it over the garmin stuff. Disclaimer I am a total rookie with gps. One of the dudes who authored it is Scott Morris who does big nasty races like Colorado Trail Race and the Arizona Trail 300 so definitely more oriented for MTB. It's a demo version and eventually will upgrade but here's some images from topofusion of the TNR excursion to P-rock last night. It's cool sh*t.

Directional arrows indicate our chosen loop path to the bench that over looks Hall Ranch.
Some of the cool stuff is in the analysis portion of the software. I thought the time vs. speed tells a good story. You can see the lulls due to some of the mechanicals we had. I couldn't upload a good image but here's stats: total climbing 1694 ft, moving time 1 hr 35 min, stopped time 34 min. Speed shading is on. You can see where I slowed down after the run in
with the brush stump and embedded wood in my shin. I still got up above 20 though on this rolling meandering descent.

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