Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Special

Here's Redstone's first weekly special. Stay tuned, we'll be doing this every Thursday.

XTR 960 crank,only $295. email dave@redstonecyclery and get crankin.


Anonymous said...

Cool idea Dave. I'm already sporting the 960 cranks on the Yeti, but I'll be checking back next Thursday.

redstone said...

Good deal, Joel. Spread the word!

chris L said...

Are these cranks lighter than my race face cranks? Also, do they have a universal bolt pattern? I'm thinking of buying the XTR for my double sprung 29er and putting the race face on the no spring single 29er.

Anonymous said...

Chris -

I'm not sure what RF cranks you have, but the XTR are pretty light and quite stiff. The bolt pattern isn't universal (I think its 110 for the mid/big), but Blackspire is making chainrings for the 960s now and I've heard good things about their chainrings. I'm running Boone Ti chainrings on mine and they are light and super durable, although pricey up front.

redstone said...

960 XTR is a 102mm bcd. Unfortunately, it's the only thing out there that is 102 (XT and others are 104), but as Joel mentioned, there's finally starting to be a few non XTR alternatives for replacement rings.

'07 970 XTR will be 104mm bcd, for what it's worth.