Sunday, December 17, 2006


I hadn't been to Hall in long enough that I was going thru withdrawal. A Saturday short ride at Hall Ranch and today's extended mix at Hall on the Flux proved to be just my medicine. Conditions today were perfect. The barely frozen moist ground offered up traction a plenty while the cold temps (sub 30) this am kept the crowds away. I saw one other trail user. Coincidentally, it was another Turner, a red Burner. As I got higher, I kept seeing more flurries. You can't see them in the pic, but they are there. I like the way Blue Mountain hides in the clouds in the distance.

Glad I was able to enjoy it while it lasted, as it's been dumping snow for several hours now. Snow ride on Wed anyone?

Oh, and the Tuesday Ride this week will be on Wednesday night instead. More on that later.

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debaser said...

I was feeling the same way before yesterdeays pair of Hall Ranch hits. Thanks for getting my bike running again after the mishap. I got out to Marshall Mesa, and I may have seen that sweet sweet cross bike out there. Cold though, and I was able to watch the storm brew further and further south. Great ride.