Thursday, December 07, 2006


So the folks who filmed Off Road to Athens followed Chris Eatough around 06 to cover his run at a 7th straight 24 solo championship. As you may recall, Craig Gordon almost killed himself (literally) making an effort to beat Eatough which he did. I'm not sure the release date, but if they do another showing at the Boulder Theatre, I say we repeat our night of fun like we did last night. I'll keep my ears to the ground to find out when its showing and where.

If this is anything like Off Road to Athens, it should be incredible.


Anonymous said...


I just got Off Road to Athens and was going to blog about it and 24 Solo today and I saw this one.

I'm absolutely in for catching it when it comes to the Boulder Theater (and I am sure it will).

And if you haven't seen Off Road to Athens, buy it. Its a really well done and interesting movie even if you know the results.

redstone said...

The website says the film will start touring in April. We'll definitely get that one up on the schedule!