Thursday, December 14, 2006

Planet X Kaffenback

This one was a fun bike to build. Laura uses her cross bike predominately as her main ride but doesn't race cross. She was getting beat up on her Redline. Steel is real, especially if you're looking for comfort. Hence the Planet X Kaffenback. This stylin' rig was built to do it all from road riding to commuting to backcountry gravel roads to singletrack.

Check the sweet carbon FSA post. This is my favorite carbon post so far, in that it doesn't use a plug on offset head.

The new for '07 Shimano XT looks great and works well, too. Anybody else think they took a cue from SRAM?

Crosstop brake levers are key for an everyday do it all bike. It especially makes singletracking on the top a lot easier.


debaser said...

That is a classy looking steed. It would complement my InBred a little too nicely. Me want.

xjoex said...

I gotta say I like the tan... I have been riding my planet x kaffenback 5 days a week since I got it (rode it for 45 minutes before work today). Great ride. Handles like a champ, comfy riding, and plenty of room for fenders and big tires.


Melis said...

I love the look of that thing. The carbon seatpost on a steel frame rides snooth as silk I bet. You can put an order in for a Planet X Uncle John for this guy.

debaser said...

After seeing that this afternoon I want it even more.