Sunday, December 03, 2006

cold sunday morning

It sure was chilly this morning. The thermometer read 5 degrees when I headed out this morning. Cool temps and snow on the ground are perfect single speed conditions. It's easier to stay warm when you're forced to use the same gear for everything. All that was on tap today was an around town thru the parks cruise. I hit some of the towns ghetto singletrack too. There was a 12" packed singletrack everywhere. It was a great ride, I was happy to get out.

Good luck to everyone crossin' today. Hope conditions are epic!


Schuman said...

nice Big D, I got out on my new inbred this morning as well (later start than you and a little warmer I'm sure). Took the dogs up Stone Canyon to the quarry. This was my first official SS 29er ride and I just have to say I am in love. What a blast.

debaser said...

I was on my drop barred 29'er.. er.. cross bike out towards Marshall Mesa.

Rim brakes suck in the snow.

redstone said...

I put discs on the Inbred. I couldn't hold back. It was a superb upgrade. Not only does it look super clean, but it brakes that way, too.

Melis said...

I like the sticker placement on the chainstay. The biggest downfall of the GT, no discs - but great price!