Monday, December 11, 2006

I hope everyone was able to get out on the bike a little this weekend. I was lucky enough to sneak in a quick ride Saturday morning before the shop opened at 10.It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Man, riding at 7:30am in the middle of December can be a cold proposition. It wasn't anything near the 5 degrees of last week, but 25 is still pretty darn cold. I took the Inbred 29er SS up to Hall. I rode up the frontside and was surprised that I only had to get off 3 times. Those weren't dabs either, they were full on gettin' off to push. There was still packed snow in spots, dry in spots, and soft patches in spots. I made it back down to SH7 by 8:30 and places were already thawing and getting muddy.

With 2 kids out of bed at 7:15am today, I was not able to duck out incognito this morning like I had planned. What was originally intended to be a 3 hour cruise on the crosser ended up being less than 2. Oh well, have kids, get flexible with time management. This is one of my favorite resting spots on the St Vrain. I was only 10 minutes into my ride, so a rest wasn't necessarily in order, but I wanted to take in the relaxing view.

I pedalled on to Rabbit Mountain next, hoping that it would be marginally dry. I encountered just one or two soft spots on the main rocky climb. I think it was dry because it's so rocky. I dabbed on this one a couple of times. At the top of the rocky climb, a few trails convene in a big meadow on top of the saddle. it was super sloppy with mud. I walked thru it and took the service road out. Good views, though.
After that, I still had a little time in me so I opted for a short but sweet climb. The last quarter mile or so is a pretty steep pitch. You have to turn around at the top, too, because the road turns to private. It's worth it for this, though. A few quick turns and it's over with too soon. Back into town, a quick ride thru the park and that was it. I was back by 10:30 and already had a fantastic day.

Since I'm on a roll, just a couple more things. I have just a couple of jerseys left from the new batch of Pearl Izumi long sleeve woolies. I have 2 mediums, so give me a shout if you're interested. They are charcoal black with a subtle grey embroidery. They are very classy looking, if I do say so myself. We can't get any more because PI is sold out of them!

Anyone got any ideas for the Tuesday ride? I'm thinking Boulder Valley Ranch, but if it's still sloppy, we can go for a bike path ride/semi urban ride around Boulder. Would anyone be down with that? I need to get that flask holder mounted on the Inbred...

Lastly, stay tuned to the blog this week. We'll be introducing a weekly blog special. The weekly blog special will have as smoking of a deal as we can get on cool parts and other stuff.

Thanks for reading this far, and have a great Monday!

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