Tuesday, December 19, 2006

tuesday is wednesday and boulder cross/mtb park

So, first thing - the Tuesday night ride will be tomorrow, Wednesday. Meet up at the shop at 6 and we'll figure it out from there. I'm in the middle of a cold right now and I'm not feeling too ambitious.

Secondly, I just got the following email. This is important for the cycling community at large. Check it out:
December 19th - City Council will vote on Valmont Park
At the Tuesday, December 19th City Council Meeting, Council will be voting to direct Parks and Recreation to work with us in constructing a permanent CycloCross and Mountain Bike facility at Valmont City Park.

Please cut and paste the statement below and email it to:

As a cyclist in Boulder, I support the efforts of The Boulder Cycling Coalition to build and maintain a permanent cycling facility at Valmont City Park. The facility should consist of a dirt and grass, 1.5-mile perimeter path around the northern or southern portions of the park. The goal of the design will be to create an exciting, varied course to challenge riders of all abilities and promote cycling. The facility would be open for general cyclocross riding and mountain biking at all times, and can be cordoned off for competition and events. When not in use for competitions, the facility would be an ideal cycling destination for families. Kids, furthermore, could ride to and from the track via the city’s bike path system, making it a safe and environmentally friendly venue for youth cycling. This competitive track will fill an unmet need for serious recreational and competitive cycling within the city limits, at low cost, and will not impede or deter simultaneous user groups at the park. The design would be developed to coexist with other user groups, notably trail running, disc golf, and Nordic skiing.

Thank you and please pass this on to your friends, colleagues, etc in Boulder

Thank you from the Boulder Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors:

Rob Coppilillo
Brandon Dwight
Chris Grealish
Bobby Noyes
Jon Tarkington
Dave Towle
Elizabeth Train
Pete Weber


email: boulderbicyclecoalition@gmail.com

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Schuman said...

I don't big fellas. They are talking major snowstorm tomorrow. But I'm gonna suck it up like a Minnesota boy should and get it done.