Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cross Movie

On December 6th, there is a showing of the movie "Transition 2, Cross the Pond" at the Boulder Theatre. Tickets are 10 smacks and the movie follows a group of North American cross racers in Belgium during the 2005 Season.

Thought it would be fun to get a group and go have some beers and check it out.

Let me know if anyone is goes to a good cause.


Melis said...

BEER & CROSS sounds like a good way to spend a Wed night to me. I'll have to rock that new Redstone wooly!!! Happy Hour @ the Boulder Cafe 6:00 to 6:30ish???
Don't forget the season ending Cyclo-Cross race & ACA State Championships at Xlinx in Longmont on Saturday December 9th. Bring your Dales Pale Ale & Cowbell to get down!

Schuman said...

so the word around the campfire is that we meet at the St. Julien at 6pm and then head over to the movie.

Let me know if I that is the word and we'll look forward to a good time.

Melis said...

I agree, sounds like a few will be showing up. Laura & I are planning on coming & I'm pretty sure of 3 or 4 others. 6:00 it is, sounds like the apps will be delicious!