Wednesday, November 01, 2006

of ghosts, birthdays, and banjos

Happy post Halloween. I hope it was good for everyone. We went trick or treating with some friends in town. I'm not sure if it was more fun as a kid or with kids, but we had a pretty good time anyway. My favorite part was when we came to a house that had all sorts of Halloween goodness outside - ghosts, graves, scary music, and an 8' tall pumpkin. The girls (all 3 or younger) were scared to go up to the house. One girl went and came back with a full size Kit Kat and a glow stick. The other girls gradually overcame their fear when there was good schwag involved. We all walked away smiling, and each girl had a glow stick.

It was also Rockin' Ron's rockin' birthday, so after trick or treating, we boogied over to Oscars for the Bluegrass open jam. Every Tuesday at 8pm, they clear out the upstairs bar for open pickin'. Lots of area bluegrass folk convene for good times and good music. A few of them are even internationally renown. To say that the jam is a get down groovy good time is definitely an understatement. Maybe we can make this a post ride stop after Tuesday rides?

Last night, there were 12 guys jamming when we showed up. A string bass, a steel guitar, a fiddle, a couple of Ukeleles and harmonicas, and a few guitars and banjos rounded it all out. It wasn't a jam session like a bunch of bs and some scattered songs here and there. Those guys were banging out tunes left and right. They were full on freight training a few times. Anyway, fun stuff. We'll go again. Sorry the pic is a little fuzzy, but that's how it looked from the driver's seat.

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