Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Update

I have a small window of time to blather randomly about the weekend. Yesterday morning, these two fellas were snacking on one of our trees. A couple hours later when it was time to open the shop, they were still there just hanging out. This is another reason I really like this time of year. Much more wildlife comes down to this elevation. Beautiful creatures, they are, eh?

Despite the on/off chilly weather, it was another great Saturday at the bike shop. Reports were that Hall was busy, but I didn't seem to see too many bikes coming thru town. Just a few big packs of roadies rolling thru. They looked cold, too.

I've been itching to get up into the high hills for at least one more ride before the trail got perma-snowed in for the season. I was up at 7am and out the door and in the car. By the time I got up to about 7000', I couldn't really see too far in front of the car because of the foggy gray skies and the blowing snow. Cars were coming down from the mountains with over 2" of snow on them. I turned around and came back to the bike shop to ride Hall. Hall was perfect. By this time, it was flurrying in town, too. The roads were all wet but the dirt was perfect. You can even see some flakes in the air in this pic.

This was taken from the same vantage point on Antelope, looking back towards Steamboat Mountain. Gray skies, indeed.

I rode up into the park and got 3 quality laps in. At the top of the loop on my first lap, I looked to the west to see nothing but patchy cloudiness and beautiful blue skies. In some ways, I regretted not perservering thru the snow. I should've ridden up higher, but I've had enough blizzardaliscious rides lately, that I opted for something more certain. Anyway, in the middle of lap 2, I ran in to Rockin' Ron. We rolled one more lap, then hustled back to town. I couldn't turn down his offer for a cup of joe, so we stopped to bs for a bit.

The view from the porch of the Stone Cup wasn't too shabby.
I don't know about you all, but I absolutely cannot wait for the new trail to come slicing thru those hillsides!

Hope you all have a great day - the weather here is still on and off. Maybe we'll still see some snow yet. And good luck to all of you crossin' down in Morrison today. Good luck fellas, and keep up the good fight. Also, keep your fingers crossed for one more dry week. I still want to get up to the hills for one more ride!

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Schuman said...

Glad I ran into you Dyanamite Dave. Thanks for extending my early morning lactic acid build up. Dynamite showed me how its done rolling down the front side. Very fun to watch the smoothness through the rock garden.

Furthermore, got home with a mission to paint our pergola, got the 3 vertical posts painted and mother nature said "not today skinny man". I'm going to rain on you. So now I sit here hoping the sun comes out to dry out the wood so i can finish. Should have done it yesterday.