Friday, November 10, 2006

Apparently, about 10 other states have license plates like these. Don't get me started on my rant about that "Share the road, share the taxes" bumper sticker. I'll just ask where I sign up for my tax refund if that's the case. Want a cool new license plate with a bike on it? The way I read it, it says "I share the taxes, too." This is a no brainer. All you have to do is click here and sign the petition to make it happen.
Sign the petition

So, here's something completely off topic. About a week or so ago, I asked a buddy of mine if I could borrow a Misfits album. What with it being Halloween and all, I was jonesing to listen to some old school gothic horror punk - stuff that I used to love in junior high. Well, Andy's a little older than me and he sends me this link today. Turns out, he was at this show at the Mercury Cafe, not far from the Denver Wax Trax. Yikes - does this mean we'll see more of this if the 80's are coming back?

In other randomness, it feels good to get my my wheel back from Hadley. I had exploded a 108pt rear hub this Spring at the last day of the Memorial Day Lyons Fat Tire Fest. I was too busy to get the wheel sent back so I just slapped on another wheel I had around. I did finally send the wheel in for repair recently, though, and just got it back today.

Hadley has great customer service over there, I was really impressed. I talked to Sue Hadley on the phone -she explained that the bearing was a sub standard bearing that had been substituted by the bearing mfg without the consent of Hadley. I sent the wheel in last week and just got it back today. Given shipping turnaround times from here to CA, I'd say that's a good effort on their behalf to keep me riding Hadley. I'm mounting 'er back up on the Intense 6.6 tomorrow. Can't wait to get back to tubeless in the rear now, too. I've been waiting on that one for a while!


debaser said...

Nice find on the license plate. Two more name son there from this household.

Once I got those on the cars, I'd need some stickers that say "ride singletrack" or something and a picture of a mountainbiker to cover up the roadie. Colormatched, of course.

doperssuck said...

Dave, you must see American Hardcore. Rock on!