Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sedona Action Jackson

A little cold and snowy today, yeah? How about some pictures from a warmer place - I took a trip down to Sedona for Thanksgiving week. Great times, good riding, the best company, and plenty guessed it...ACTION, Jackson.

Who are the studs that got out and rallied last night? Not this sally. Maybe next week.


debaser said...

Very nice.

redstone said...

Snow action was only attended by 3 hardy locals. Myself, Melis, and ChrisL. It was fun. We got about 2hr15min in. I was super tired from plowing thru the snow.

Melis said...

Looks like a good trip. Last night was just Redstone Dave, Chris & my badself. It was really really fun. You all should join us next week for Happy Hour & the Cyclocross movie on Wed. We are talking about happy hour at the St Julien around 6.