Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All Right Dirtwhistles

I know i missed the Tuesday night ride which really hurt my pride. So instead I knocked out Green Mountain over lunch today. Not sure how many of you have ridden there but it really does have some really fun fun trails. Many different options and most importantly, night riding is legal. I would like to throw it out there to see if anyone would be interested in making the drive down there next week for a little Nocturnal Mission. I work right near there so we could meet at our normal time at the Rooney Road parking lot and go from there.

For some of those who don't ge the chance to make it all the way up to Lyons, this would be a great way to get in on a Redstone group ride.

Let me know what you think and I would happy to lead the ride. I've gotten to know quite a few fun different routes.

Happy Trails fellas.


redstone said...

I'm down. I haven't been to Green Mountain in about 2 years. Too bad we can't ride Dakota Ridge at night, that would be pretty fun. Thanks for the offer Schuman. Green Mountain is a solid night ride. It will be fun.

Meet up at 6 on Tues? How about the Rooney Rd/Zorro lot? That's the only lot that I know exactly where it is via car.

Melis said...

I have not ridden any of this, I'm down for something new. As of today I'm in even though Primus is playing in Denver that day.

redstone said...

Perfect melis. You could ride, then go sail the seas of cheese.

Schuman said...

Lets plan to meet at Rooney Road Parking lot at 6pm.

Is it illegal to night ride Dakota Ridge. Thats some sweet sweet riding.