Friday, November 03, 2006

Saturday plans

I wanted to update everyone that the shop will be closed this Saturday 11/4. Sat 11/4 is the make up day for the previously cancelled trail work day at Heil Ranch open space.

Tomorrow, we will be working on a NEW trail at Heil, a 2-3 mile addtional loop. The Lyons connector will spur off of this loop when it's finally hashed out. We'll be back to regularly scheduled programming on Sunday. I'll have some pics of the new trail up soon, too. We plan to be riding it this Spring!



debaser said...

See you there.

Lefthand OHV after? Is Jamestown a possibility?

redstone said...

We'll see who's down with riding, I guess. I wouldn't mind doing LHOHV but that ride may not be for everyone. My guess is that Jamestown will be a little snowy.

We went west to ride last night. Got up to about 8k feet and it was pretty darn snowy. There's more snow south of us, too, so I'm sure Jamestown is done dealing for a while.

Heck, I'm even ok with doing a couple laps at Heil. It's been over a year since I've ridden there. Looking forward to the connector so I can put it into regular rotation.

debaser said...

I rode Heil a few weeks ago. The main climb is tracking into one good line that's smoothing out. Very nice, actually. The old loop is still a rocky mess, but it has it's good traits too.