Tuesday, November 28, 2006

tuesday ride 11/28

Meet at the shop at 6. It's going to be a cold one! If it's super cold, we can make the call at that time.


mg said...

we've got the cold comin' in tonight... it's 60 here right now! in 24 hours it'll be 28 degrees, and in 48 hours, it'll be 18 degrees!

... welcome to winter. i think it's arrived.

tonight, we're gonna' get one last warm roll through wilderness on the mwc ride.

have fun tonight!

Melis said...

I'll make the call right now. Buck up bucky we are riding in the snow! See you with warm clothes hoes.

redstone said...

if it's snowing, don't you think a shovel would work better than a hoe? heh heh.

short ride + beers = good, too

redstone said...

Hey - I don't know if anyone is checking this, but if the weather is super crappy, I may be a tad late...

drive from Broomfield, woohoo!