Tuesday, July 11, 2006

tuesday jibber jabber and tues ride

Although I did puss out on the Louisville bike path rain slog, I did manage to get in a very brief ride late on Sunday. 45 minutes of quality over quantity was the rule for the ride. The roads were still wet but it had quit raining when I headed out.
Conditions were pretty good. Here is about where I turned around due to my time limit. It was a little slick to walk on but perfect on the bike.
This proved to be a good steed for this short and sweet ride. I'm sure we'll get out to Hall on Tuesday and it will be the usual dry and gravelly fun.
And the South St Vrain was raging hard. Yes, those are tree leaves dangling in the water. It was so much out of it's banks that 5 and 6 ft tall stands of trees that are normally 10 off the water were submerged a few feet up. This looked more like an April deluge river.

So the ride was short but good. I don't have much else to say on that other than there was a sizeable smile on my face at the end of the ride.

By the time everyone is reading this, it'll be Tues. We're up for a 6pm tour de Hall Ranch on Tues 6/11. We'll keep er' low key, especially seeing as how Chad is going off to do battle and bring home the NCS title for Super D this weekend. Go Chad, we're with you man.

Random thought number one - Soul Asylum was just on Leno tonight. I didn't know whether to expect them to rehash an old song or to belt out something new and adult contemperaryfied. Thankfully, I was wrong on both counts. Looks like the Golden Smog stand ins have been helping to keep it real and the new material sounds pretty ok. At least it didn't sound like it was going down the adult pop road that so many of their Minneapolis brethren did.

Hey, and speaking of MN, Shithouse is coming to town! To live. Welcome to the high plains desert, buddy. We will work to assimilate you into front range bike culture pronto. It will be good to hang again. Maybe this summer we can do another ride like this and see some space station on earth type of playthings:
or, how I spent my 4th of July. More to come on that.

Random thought number two if anyone has read this far. What's your take on eminent domain with regard to propertey condemnation for the purpose of a trail rather than a road?

See you Tues at 6 at the shop!


debaser said...

I went over my OnOne yesterday. After 3 hours in the rain on Sunday, all I needed to do was lube the chain to get 'er going.

Full housings rule! Those wily brits are onto something!

Melis said...

see you at Hall Ranch with a few newbies!!!