Thursday, July 20, 2006

Go floyd!

What a great ride, go man, go! Too many what ifs at this point to declare a winner, but my hat's off to Floyd for one of the most amazing on bike performances I've ever seen.

Classic Bob Roll commentary on the prime time recap, too. Dessel went down today - over the bars and rolled on gravel. Bob missed it live but in the replay in slow motion, Bob mumbles into his mic - Goddddddd Damn! Guess you had to hear it but I laughed my ass off.

That Floyd is a driven man. Loved the interview with Frankie also. No bs from Floyd - "I came here to win the tour." Good stuff! I can't wait for Saturday.


debaser said...

& apparently he's a beer drinker. I heard he traded a yellow jersey for a 6 pack a few days ago.

Go Floyd!

Steve said...

Remember, Floyd Landis originally comes from a mountain biking background, so I sometimes think that his demeanor is a bit more laid-back than many of the roadies.

The OLN interview with him after the stage (poorly conducted by Frankie Andreu) was refreshing - smiling, joking, matter of fact, a bit of a change from the methodical, stern, grim-faced Armstrong interviews.

What a stage, and whether Landis wins the overall or not, people will remember his win over the overall winner of the race.

redstone said...

Floyd's being a mountain biker means he knows how to handle his bike. He gained another 30 sec on the descent.

Let's hear it for beer drinking mountain bikers!

Joel White said...

What a roller coaster two days in the Tour. I've gained a huge amount of respect and admiration for Landis in the last 48 hours. The way he handled the bad day coming and talking to the press and then just riding the entire field off his wheel was simply stunning.

And the fact he is a beer drinking ex-mountain biker and a refreshing change from the uber focused style of Armstrong are all good things too...

Schuman said...

I'll bet the beer he drank with Lelangue the night before was Hamm's. Any of you midwesterners may remember the commercials that said "From the Landis of sky blue waters". I really should be in advertising.

Floyd rules. He is going to bitch slap the ITT tomorrow. I can barely sit still thinking about it.

redstone said...

schuman, that's funny - I laughed when I read the landis of blue waters bit. He's from PA, though - I hope he's not a Rolling Rock fan.